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Social Security Administration / deceitful people

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I filed for widows benefits in 2003 on my second husband. I was 61. I was told I could file on my first husband when I reached 65 and I would get a higher amount. Filed the claim 10/03/2007. I was told I would receive a claim letter in 30 days. Instead she unreasonably delayed my claim for 5 and 1/2 months. Her excuse was "It's on a supervisor's desk or I'm going on vacation for a week or it's a holiday and I won't be in the office until next Monday or call me... I have one more question to ask you."I've searched my brain and cannot figure out what this nightmare is about. I told the truth and followed the rules and still don't know why they stalled for 5 1/2 months. Finally, around Feb. 1st they sent me an entitlement letter stating I would receive back pay Feb.9th and my benefits would start in March. Guess what? They claim the Post Office lost my back pay. I have direct deposit... so I knew that was an outright lie. I have no way of finding out where my back pay is. Last time I called I was told they would issue another check but that would take another 10 days. I think they are stalling again and possibly breaking the law and there is nothing I can do.I am 65 and counting and this has been a very bad experience. I thought I would spend my older years not having to fight the system but it has not turned out that way. I am very angry that the people who work for SS is so deceitful & calling the 1-800 number is a joke.

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  • An
      16th of Jun, 2008
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    Social Security Administration - Denied Again
    Socail Security Office
    United States

    I got married in 2003 in laughlin, nv. since the ceremony was on a boat from one of the casinos and made it's last stop in arizona, I was required to get an arizona license. since then I have been attempting to change my last name to match my husbands. I keep getting denied. if I go in to the offices or try to mail in my application I get the same feedback. the social security offices don't like the way my marriage certificate looks. I can't change how arizona does things. calling the 800 is a joke, and I haven't been able to find who I can contact in order to get help. evidently, is you make a fake name you have an easier time chaging your social security card then if you get married.

  • De
      26th of Aug, 2008
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    I am complaining about the office of social secuirty in west palm beach, fl. 561-697-5192

    I am so so so frustrated and disgusted beyond comprehension. I have been so patient on many many many occassions. why do they continue ro allow constant confusion and turmoil to continue.

    How come staff, workers and security in the lobby are so inpatient, inpolite, rude, arrogant to consumers and the public. I can assure you that I am not the only one complaining about the repitive, redundant behavior that continues to go on. I have been extrewmely patient and have gone the extra mile over and over again.

    This is in regard to jphn chappa and ms. ward.

    It is a constant nightmare to make contact with them. I have left message after message in the most polite courteous manner possible. they make promises to call back and never do. I hear recording after recording. mind you I don't make a habit of call on a continous basis.

    I might call at the most 2 times a year to discuss inportant matters. like this past 6 weeks. I have yet to get any acknowledgement at all.

    Now when I got verbally excited today and got ugly and after several calls with disgust and fed upness.
    They managed to come to the phone. isn't that ironic. look what it took to get this idiot to the phone. john chappa. then when I get upset, he wants to know I am talking to him that way. but how much can one person take.

    This is not a game I am calling for serious business related discussions. why do I have ot be put through all this repititive garbage. this is not fair.

    Also, let me bring something ot your attention that a few years back that I filed a complaint oin the security guard in the lobby. and it seemed nothing got done.

    The secuirty guard is so so so rude and arrogant. I have watched, observed and even brought it to the attention of the social secuirty office they seem to care less. it seems he is this way with alot of people and they find him offensive and antagonizing.

    His communication skills are very poor and non conforming and extremely insensitive. is their any way to replace this individual. I thought at one time someine would actually jump in his face and do something to him. I got scared for this stranger that almost got himself into trouble, and it isn't worth it.

    I have been trying diligent for long to go to a site to file this complaint and even then I had trouble retrieving this information. it is a constant runaround. but yet you all want people to pay taxes. yeah right! what a joke.

    I want you ot be in my position and see how it feels and see how much oyu can take here. when you are trying to reach someone and it is inportant. I would like to see how your reaction would be.

    I hope this goes to the right person and the right process and something can finallyt be done with this mess.


  • An
      24th of Mar, 2009
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    I am getting the same run around and deceptions regarding my SSA case. It seems that there is no chain of command and no one seem to care or understand what they are suppose to be doing .
    Maybe we can organize an on-line client support and advocacy group.

  • Jo
      24th of Mar, 2009
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    Government admin at its finest.

    Your complaints though are best put through official avenues if you actually want something DONE about them. This website is intended for consumer awareness only.

    There must be an HQ for Social Security administration, use the official government website to find that out - and go through them. If that doesn't work write your congressman.

  • Ja
      15th of Apr, 2010
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    i have many problems with my disability

    the office in sioux falls sd likes to play these games of how they do not understand or even know what you are talking about and how they do not have to do things even after you show them a current law book with the exact federal law telling them what they have to do and they have to do it

    they also like to decide what you try to tell them and tell you what you are saying and never bother to ask any questions then write in your file how you try to change the subject when you hear what you do not like

    how about the truth for once - i change the subject after 20 minutes trying to explain over and over the same thing and never able to get them to stop telling me what i want to say

    after 20 minutes of being told what i am trying to say and not let me actually say i see no point to keep going

    i actually got help with things after i took the time and money to drive 600 miles to a ssa office in kansas to do business with - btw the phone service is even more useless and just tells people to go to the local office for all things as a standard answer to even things they advertise can be done by phone

    drive 600 miles one way just to get a person to help is stupid and should not need but the acts of ssa make me need to - i want a tax credit for the mileage i have to add up doing business with them

  • Ja
      15th of Apr, 2010
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    john - official channels with ssa does not work and a congress person at least in my state just takes whatever garbage excuse ssa gives and closes your complaint as solved even when the garbage answer has nothing to do with the issue

  • Sy
      22nd of Aug, 2010
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    It seems that, unless you get a lawyer involved, nothing will change... In my mind, requiring legal council (which only costs US more money) should be illegal. Most of us have been PAYING into the 'system' most of our lives... There's no good reason we should have to pay even more to claim what is rightfully ours.

    The first time I filed (my sister actually did the paperwork because I was in the hospital), they (the SS Administration) said they never received the paperwork required to complete the application process; The paperwork was dropped off IN THE LOCAL SSA OFFICE. They must have received it because that had enough information to DENY my claim. I could not appeal within the necessary time because, while still hospitalized, my sister was in two auto accidents and could not do the legwork.

    After finally retaining an attorney, I finally got some useful responses from the SSA (claim still pending).

    I have spoken with MANY people that have had successful claims and there was a 100% consensus... You must hire a lawyer! Most lawyers (at least where I live) work on a contingency fee basis and will charge 20%-25% of your retroactive claims amount (the amount of the first check which covers payments back to the approximate date of your claims application) but no more that $5000 (plus travel charges, if applicable). When retaining the lawyer, you'll probably have to sign a type of promissory note that gives them access to their fees (sometimes, even before you get YOUR money).

    The bottom line (for me, anyway) is that if the SSA was a 'regular' business, they would be out-of-business (and in court).

    Here's an idea... We should treat the IRS like the SSA treats US! On second thought, that probably wouldn't work since WE would be held accountable for our actions. So much for checks and balances; Thay don't apply when a government entity is being scrutinized.

    Sincerely, the critic team of Me Myself & I

  • To
      6th of Jan, 2015
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    It is shameful of the Social Security Administration to only approve low life people who use their SSI checks to buy illegal drugs. It makes me wonder if some members of the SSA are not hooked on crack.

  • Co
      6th of Jan, 2015
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    The Social Security Administration does not write the laws. Congress does.

  • Wi
      30th of Sep, 2015
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    So true they under paid me only giving me 34% of my check lying to me that child support took it. I got proof that child support didn't take 66% of my check. the 800 number finally admitted it was a computer error. since there was no court order for a garnishment. i've suffered this whole month over a computer error. while the local office refused to accept that it wasn't child suport. I finally got them to return the money because the district attorney called them and asked what was going on since they were being blame for taking my check. all of sudden shows they paid me on the 29th here it is the 30th no payment but now my direct deposit card shows a pending deposit for the 1st when I called the card and asked why I have to wait till the first their reply is it was request by the local office. i'm guessing they are punishing me by making me waiting until the 1st because I had the da call them.

  • Ro
      13th of Nov, 2015
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    I am so frustrated with the local office here in indianapolis and the main contact number. if businesses were ran the way they handle claims and crossing there t's and dotting there i's, they would fail in the first month. I am losing my job next week due to an injury and my wife has been dealing with them for 9 months just to get a payment straightened around and yet know one has a answer or the answer is in the processing center. really for nine months!!! on the verge of loosing our house, benefits, and everything we have worked so hard for: just to here its in the processing center, well I can tell you where you can shove the processing center.

  • Mi
      14th of Jun, 2016
    +1 Votes

    I am amazed as I read these complaints. I qualified for medicare a year ago. until I qualified for medicare, although i've heard horror stories, i've never had any dealings with the government. i've had several problems for the past year still unresolved. i've made a few conclusions after my past year multiple experiences and research.
    First, it's a culture! the bureaucracy, lackadaisical attitude and even incompetency is a culture created by its structure. no or little management or accountability. even our elected officials, top down, act as if they are aware of the issues, act as if they will fix the problems, act as if the really care but they only contribute to the problems. it's absolutely unbelievable and deplorable what I have experienced, witnessed and learned the past year about ssa, medicare and the irs.
    It's time our government operates with the same accountability, performance standards and work ethics as business. it's time the employees are provided the same benefits as the working class in business. as corporations, we can no longer afford to provide government employees pensions and excessive vacation time! it's time government employees meet the same performance standards and subject to termination as the working class working in business.
    Second, we can't rely on government management or our elected officials to make any effort to make these changes. it's up to the voting working class to be outspoken, get involved, make known these issues and we're not going to take it anymore! "the wheel that squeals the ouudest get greased!" I believe america is beginning to wake up! no one should have to go through what I or millions of others have gone through with their government experiences.

  • An
      5th of Oct, 2016
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    What authority a social security judge can interfere between a client and his lawyer and make a decision favor my lawyer against me his client. my story is I hired a ss lawyer signed the document after denied and appeals with the ss judge I won my case received my benefits and my lawyer got paid from the benefits I received all of sudden my lawyer asked for more money and send me bills and him and the judge agreed that the ss office pay my lawyer more money and withholding the money from me when I retired when I appeal it same judge denied. confused lost trust in the ss judge and my ss lawyer.

  • Cr
      13th of Nov, 2017
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    I have been fighting with ssa since april 2015 about benefits. I am currently paying an overpayment because they said I was qualified under my 1st husband and I was not. I was told I qualified under my 2nd husband but am still trying to find out what is going on. I receive letters from ssa and cannot get amyone to explain what is going on. I am constantly receiving letters from ssa. everyone states different amounts and i'm upset that the local office does not make appointments only on a walk-in basis. I feel that is an invasion of my privacy that I should discuss my concerns in front of a room full of people. i'm at the point of giving up as it seems nothing can be done.

  • Ni
      25th of Jan, 2018
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    I am scheduled to have a perc interview with ssa representative abigail kirby on the 31st of january, I called her several times to inform her that I would be unable to attend, as well as to ask her if we could conduct the interview over the phone. she has never answered the phone calls, nor has she responded to any of my voicemails. I then call ssa's 1 800 number to try and retrieve ms. kirby's email from them. the first representative retrieved her email and gave it to me but when I called back in order to confirm the email address, the representative tells me that she does not have access to that information. I then ask to speak to a supervisor and ask him to confirm the email address and he states that he is not at liberty to give me the information. I then tell him that when speaking to the first representative I was given the email address, he then tells me that just because someone gave me some information that they weren't supposed to doesn't mean that he's going to do so. so somebody tell me how in the bloody hell am I supposed to contact this slacking representative? I called the local office to get her email address and got the same outcome. now I am not too sure if I should use the email address that I received because evidently I retrieved it by mistake,

  • Me
      27th of Feb, 2018
    +1 Votes

    Social security 800-772-1213 customer services representatives and supervisors are very nasty unprofessional team of ignorant people who have no emotions compassion for disability people accounts. they had ashley fail in setting up my direct deposit of my social security money now got wait be late paying my bills, getting prescription, cellphone, internet services and transportation gas electric water bills etc. I want sent to me names-email of people to file in civil court class action law suit against social security administration main office. also walmart money card place a funding reversal on my debit checking account for my social security money was with held for weeks no access to my money atm machine
    Money card staffis also stupid hardly speakenglishclearlyplaceyouon hold don'tgetthesupervisorcometothephone hang up on you I never got a walmart moneycard letter saying my account was at risk security reason had to be lockedout I had to set up a new direct deposit account for my social security direct deosit won't be held back whicjh has been done. they had an overdraft fee $10. when had enough in my balance cover a monthly fee of $3.00 which left 7.00 what was that charged fee for? whencalled customer service number claim I had requested for a refund it was going be mailto mein 10 days. I never request for a refund for what itemnone. this was a way for them to close my accountwith out my knowledhe or breaking the banking rules regulations either. were going reportto attoeny general, bbb, consumer protection, state attorney office, governor, congressman, city council, news broadcast networks, radio-televesion host, socialmedia online other gov, agencyorganizations too. if interested in getting your complaint heard in court oflaw contact us,, freedom fighters club

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