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Slomins Slomins Shield Slomins INC / bad company

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Beware!!! Don't do business with this company!!! Slomins shield is the worst company in the industry. They push you into a 5 year contract. Never should you sign something right then - slomins salesman always try to push you into signing on the first visit. The problem with their 5 year contract and most don't know this - slomins takes you to court for 1600 dollars and puts a lien on your home. This so called protection can ruin your credit and put you into a bad situation. Slomins is actually robbing people by acting like they want to protect you. Their management is poor. Nobody in slomins management has any experience with outside sales. They are all just friends or people that hyped up their resume or they walked up the chain within. This is a complete and absolute joke of a company. Beware!!! Do not do business with this company. I ran into a friend of mine that recently moved from here in ny to va and signed up with slomins. Now slomins has blocked all of the 804 and 757 phone numbers calling in so he has no customer service with his 5 year contract. Nice!!! Real nice!!! Then when he contacted the baltimore office because his va rep is no longer available the baltimore manager knew nothing and did nothing. This is a bad way to do business. I have talked to their union techs that slam the company and joke how the owner married into ownership when he is just a president for investors. The company isn't even family owned like they claim. The worst part is the lack of concern for their customers. Bad service!! Terrible system. You're getting a 100 dollar napco system that they charge you 1600 for. That is insane!! Google or go to ebay and put in napco gemini alarm system and look at the outdated system that they are wanting you to sign up 5 years for. Beware!!! Don't fall for this scam!!! This company is a joke and now I see they are trying to scam in georgia. Watch out!!!

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  • Bo
      17th of Oct, 2008
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    Slomins Slomins Shield Slomins INC - Terrible Company
    United States

    SLOMINS IS A RIPOFF AND THEY LIE TO YOU SO YOU SIGN THEIR LONG CONTRACTS. They only hope you don't fulfill the contracts because then they take you to court and go after 1600 dollars. This is a huge loss to you and a gain to them. Their company is terrible and my neighbor worked for them after my other neighbor was ripped off by them. They go after people that don't do their research and try to talk them into signing a contract for a long term. Then before they realize they don't need the service it is already locked into a contract. Worse than that they contract lets their company lie and also they have terrible service. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY!!! THIS IS THE WORST OF THE WORST AND THEY ARE ONLY IN BUSINESS BECAUSE THE GET PEOPLE TO SIGN UP FOR SOMETHING THAT THEY SAY IS "FREE" THEN THAT COST THEM A LOT OF MONEY DOWN THE ROAD. The worse part is that the equipment is outdated and my fellow NewYorkers deserve better.

  • Ka
      11th of Nov, 2008
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    I agree. I just had this same exact problem with the replacement of a "free" oil tank. Any ideas wher to go?

  • Jo
      14th of Nov, 2008
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    No complaints here, called the 800 # they sent a rep to the home installed it in a few days and it works great.

  • Go
      10th of Jul, 2009
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    This is a funny complaint because it is obvious that someone would put a lien on your house if you owed them 1600. most of which is an install charge. People that hate the company are people that usually have bad credit from signing contracts and hopping out of them screwing over the companies for their benefit. They let me sign over my new homeowner when I moved, and even if they didn't want the alarm I could sign up at my new house with like a $100 charge, not to bad if you ask me.

    As far as the equipment, if you don't think the Gemini series is good look at the #1 largest co. in the US, ADT, these guys install a $20 unit that is supposed to be so special and it is a piece of ****. If someone breaks into your home they can smash the equipment and because there is no phone line service, your screwed. All your local companies are usually operating illegally and they don't even know it. There is a lot of legal stuff a security co must go through to install. Slomins is doing it the right way and if you have bad credit, chances are you will get turned down from Slomin's or they will make you pay your 3rd year in advance. Its a shame people want to take advantage or companies and other people and just screw them over by not paying. Be educated people, it helps!

  • Kc
      30th of Aug, 2009
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    I've been working for an ADT authorized dealer andd we purposely do not install Self Contained systems such as Lynx or Simon because of security reasons. Once it's ripped off the wall there's no security anymore. We never install a system into someone's property without a phone line, that's just a ridiculous statement, if signal between the installed control panel and monitoring station can't be established we don't get paid a penny, so saying simply: no phone line = no adt system installed. Slomin's is charging $29 a month with one year warranty included, what customers don't know is that if you want maintanance after the first year then your monitoring fee goes up to $40. Five year contract is another p1sser, imagine you move from NY to Colorado because you got a new job. Slomin's doesn't operate there so you are Ckufed, gotta pay for the remainder of the contract term and YES, they put LIEN on your house. ADT is in every state and Slomin's is in 4 +DC, plus ADT has a movers' program for customers. Free gimmick that Slomin's offers is straight up BS, it might be good for one out of 100 customers where as people hate hardwired systems, if you have a rather big house they'll have to staple the wire throughout your whole house and if you ask them for a wireless system, guess what, it costs MORE than ADT and Monitoring is more too. Overall if you compare Sr lomin's and ADT, Slomin's is a total joke, it's only good for someone who's going to stay and the same house for 5 years + and those who do not use the system at all so it doesn't break at all. Guess what's going to happen when you call slomin's for service call after your initial free 12 month warranty, to replace a wireless door sensor they'll charge you an arm and a leg ($200+). Also, you'll be lucky if service man will show up at your porch within a week, they don't have service force up to demand at all, everybody complains. FORGOT TO MENTION, I ran into a couple of Slomin's customers who had their houses catch fire, guess what happens then with your FREE system... Look at page 2 of your contract, it says that Total installation cost of your system is something like $1.300 and they give it to you for free with conditions, well, that's one of the conditions, to reinstall that system (within 5 years) you'll have to pay them that $1300 for that FREE system. Slomin's is a scam.

    As a previous poster said, do your homework, read the contract and then make your conclusions. Do not buy a Lemon's (oops, I meant Slomin's).

  • Go
      1st of Sep, 2009
    +1 Votes

    KC ok doesnt know fully what he is talking about...(please note its not as bad as the last poster, there is some knowledge behind his madness ) however...first of all your payment is not changed with a service call you just pay for what services you need. ie(which is semi expensive, to install a new door sensor is $80) Next if you move from ny to colorado you dont have to worry about service because you are moving to somewhere that slomins does not cover, therefore you are not responsible for moving with your service, its a legal thing, you will never have to pay a cancellation charge, just bring that up and know your legal rights and your home free. Next the whole wireless comment if BS, I have both wireless and hardwired in my house and it all works great with no extra charge, the install guy even asked me what I prefer.(Think of it this you think a bank has a wireless system - I dout it) Install was a beauty as well as in my neighbors house as well. As for fire...thats a whole different thing, and I dont know about what really happens there, I am sure if your house burns down the last think on your mind is damn I owe a balance on that alarm system. But something I do agree on is that you shouldnt sign the 5 year agreement if you know you are moving. That's common sense 101, if something comes up between now and then that you have to move, you do have options. I recently spoke to my neighbor and he said he signed a renters agreement with them and just put $300.00 upfront for the 3rd year of monitoring and there is no contract. So Slomins is changing some of their ways to accommodate homeowners who are not going to be around long term.

    PS keep in contact with your sales rep and everything goes smoothly.

    PS did you notice that KCok's 8th word says...Dealer, which means in his specific area his company that he works for will do wired only. Thats great for the .000003% of the US population that he serves but what about the other 99.999997%
    Dealers can be hit or miss I like to deal with the same company I bought the alarm from that does maintenance and customer service, and their own install from someone that just installs alarms only as his job.

    Either way, I would suggest not skimping on equipment to adequately cover your houses needs and always! always! always! get at least 1 smoke detector in your house. I had a friend that left his stove on by accident and left the house, a fire started and his alarm notified the fire company and all he had to replace was his door knob. The kicker of this story is that he had service previously and canceled it but didn't cancel his phone line. Slomins sent the fire department and they were not even paying them. Later they called and asked if they want to startup monitoring again but the point is that was a major event in their lives.

    Something negative: If you recommend someone you get 3 months free as advertised but you have to call and tell them when you want it posted to your account they don't do it automatically.

    Hope this helps some of the less educated out ask for free equipment from your sales guy, it works (regardless of company)

  • Go
      1st of Sep, 2009
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    Correction: misread the above comment regarding the rate change...but your rate will go up to $35.45 if you want a warranty after the first year (That's what I pay) Expect this to go up every 2 years or so by about 0.50 to $1, (inflation) if you dont call them with any issues or anything they usually keep you where you started. I got my new service and therfore they upgraded me to the most current rate, kinda crappy but it makes sense.

  • De
      12th of Oct, 2011
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    I recently was contacted by sleezman shield and had them coming in. The idiot salesman failed to tell me about the HARD inquiry hit on my credit. I was furious! I cancelled them from coming and opted to buy a dog instead. Kiss a good cust goodbye. What a bunch of sleeze balls, no I have excellent credit for all those who wonder.

  • Do
      3rd of Aug, 2015
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    Slomins Alarm company is the worst, since April I am being charged $28.62 for “maintenance fees”, when I called them they said it’s a one time yearly fee which I did not understand nor agree with but I paid it, because they bill you every 3 months I then noticed the same fee on the next bill and now I just got my most current bill and the fee is on there again, we had an issue with our system and they said for someone to come out it will be an automatic $100 fee but yet they are charging us a maintenance fee which we never signed up for in the first place. We have been calling their corporate office all day and they keep saying the supervisor “Doug” is unavailable to talk to us, the rep we spoke to is “Sal” and he is extremely unhelpful. This company is a rip off and people need to start reading these reviews and do not give them your business. I will be contacting the City of New York and the Better Business Bureau to file a formal compliant and will be taking them to court for these charges as well as any termination fees for breaking this contract because they are built on lies and fraud, they mislead their customers and do not want to take responsibility for their actions. I have my own business and I will be spreading the word on this experience to all of my customers and it will be blasted on social media as well. This company is built on lies and deceit, absolutely no integrity!!!

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