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At 5.20pm, I just arrived at my home, and I saw Skynet's lorry in front of my parent's house. I know that my parcel that I order from LAZADA. So I decide to park my car next to my house.
after a few minute, I want to enter my house, and the Skynet's Boy call me, "akak ade barang", but I saw my parent's house the door are closed, I ask that boy, "kenapa, xde orang jawab call ke?" and the boy said, "xde la kak"
I was like curious with the situation.
Then after I sign the document, the boy said "akak, dalam peti surat ada surat tu nanti buang yea"I ask him, "kenapa kena buang? surat ape tu?"
He said, sbb akk da amek parcel, so surat tu boleh buang"

So, conclusion here, that boy not call the person in the list when arrived in front of the house.


May 18, 2017

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