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Skansen Kennel / Puppy Mill

4 Sabastapol, CA, United States Review updated:

Do not buy a puppy from skansen kennel. I purchased 2 mini schnauzers from skansens, the first was 3 years old paid $800.00 the second was 4 months, paid $800.00. Both dogs were very sick. The old lady that owns the place gave me back the money for the 3 year old after I wrote her a letter saying the dog had to have 18 rotten teeth pulled and a number of other issues! But that was nothing, the puppy which I have had for just over a year has cost me over $6000.00! She stopped making tears at 6 months old, the old lady blew me off this time because she knew what it cost to take care of a sick dog. I had to have a tube from her saliva glands into her eyes so she didn't go blind and she will have to be medicated two to three times every day for the rest of her life. The old lady will take no responsiability for her bad breeding. Why she is still in business i'll never understand. I hope everyone reading this that cares about animals will pass on the word and put her out of business and save the lives of so many sick dogs. Two out of two isn't very good odds and speakes volumes about her breeding ability! Trust me when I say she is nothing but a puppy farmer.
I have attached a photo of my puppy diva when I brought her home and now. See for yoursel[censored]

Skansen Kennel
Skansen Kennel

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  • Ti
      2nd of Jun, 2009
    -8 Votes

    You should try to get her shut down by the animal control and have her reported saying she is trying to rie people of while being to crewl to animals

  • Lo
      3rd of Jun, 2009
    -8 Votes

    I wrote letters and sent copies of her medical file to 6 different agencys including my congressmen office. I got letters saying they will put her on file. Lip service, thats why she gets away with it. I'm trying my best to spread the word. If people stop buying her dogs then maybe she will get the message. She is a horrable woman! She wrote a nasty rebutt to the BBB about me being a bully. Hahahahahah I will be taking my sweet little Diva to the vet every 2 months for the rest of her life, never mind the drops 3 times a day I have to give her for the rest of her life. So much for a dogs just over a year now. Breakes my heart every day. Thanks for your comment, please tell everyone you know.

  • Ra
      20th of Oct, 2018
    0 Votes

    @Lorrie LHeureux Funny, there is a guy from the East coast that has the same story. Coincidence?

  • Hu
      21st of Jul, 2009
    Best Best Advice +14 Votes

    You know, I had just the opposite experience and with several dogs. I had a giant that lived 16 years and on whom I put a title on both ends and the vet bills on her only came in her dotage. The second I had for 2 years, showed her, sent her back to be bred, got her daughter and repeated that only I kept her for 12 years.
    Mrs. Hammarstrom has not only treated me with respect and courtesy, she has helped me find to perfect my skills. I have never ever found a dog from Skansen that wasn't sound and beautiful. My first was Ch. Skansen's Justa Hustle, CD, and I would that I could find another just like her, but: environment, schedule, food, energy of the individuals, all enter into our experience, to say nothing of the chemical atmosphere around us. I cannot reproduce those, nor can I get a repeat breeding to go with them.
    I have visited Skansen at least 16 times and I have never encountered a medical problem among the dogs that wasn't being addressed, and it is always clean and the employees are always standing there with a smile and a hello.
    If your approach to the perceived problem was a viperous as your letter to this forum then I suggest you needed to sit down before you placed that call and calmed down and then spoken to her with respect and courtesy. I doubt seriously you did that.

    Barbara Schatt

  • To
      15th of Apr, 2017
    +5 Votes

    @Hustle Same here Barbara, I got three Giants from Skansen's and had no health problems they lived quite old for a large breed.

  • Am
      5th of May, 2017
    0 Votes

    @Tommy Hernandez So I was interested in getting a giant, purchased one from a well known breeder not Skansen's, never know whose puppies will have health issues as you can never get the truth out of them.
    So you never had problems with Skansen's with their Giants?

  • Mi
      9th of Oct, 2017
    +2 Votes

    @Tommy Hernandez I've had 2 Schnauzers from Skansen's; a giant female back in 1994 and currently a standard female that I purchased in 2016. I have been to the kennel over 6 times, and the kennels are clean and all the dogs look fine, are active, and are well attended by numerous employees, as well as by Sylvia herself!! My dogs have been pet quality, and are beautiful and have amazing temperaments! I have met several others in the last year, who also have dogs from Skansen's. They too, are healthy, look amazing, and have great temperaments. I recommend Skansen's to anyone looking for a Schnauzer (mini, standard, giant). I have spoken with Sylvia several times on the phone in the last year, with questions (I follow and feed the raw diet with supplements she recommends), as well as Terri and Laina. I am sorry this gal who posted this back in 2009 had a bad experience, but I quite honestly can't believe she was actually dealing with Skansen's! Her attitude of hatefulness and trying to be destructive of Sylvia, her kennel and amazing dogs, just doesn't ring true for me!

  • St
      14th of Jan, 2019
    0 Votes

    @AMkadee I have known Sylvia since I was in third grade. I have brought five giants from her have shown dogs for years. She is an AKC judge and is a very respected woman.
    I’m sorry about the above woman’s puppy, but this could happen with any breeder as us humans have baby’s with defects as well. No matter how well we take care of our selves.
    Her ranch is beautiful and her dogs live like kings.
    I will never get a dog anywhere else.

  • Lo
      22nd of Jul, 2009
    -10 Votes

    The facts are the facts! She runs a puppy mill and sells sick dogs. Can you respect that Barbara? Yes I'm mad, and you have no idea how I approched her. So please save your judgment for the dogs, after all this is what it's all about! Do your home work and have a closer look. I doubt seriously you would do that, your to busy judging things you know nothing about. Show us your pictures of these dogs! And a little proof of this 16 year old Giant. Then maybe someone will give your opinion second thought.
    If your so happy, why on earth would you be reading the complaint files? Tell us Barbara, how did you know about this complaint? Is your name really Barbara or are you one on her flunkies on a mission to save her "good name" ha ha ha! FYI she has 6 employees for 600 to 800 dogs on that farm. Check the BBB if you doubt that too. Take off those rose colored glasses Barbara and save the dogs from the hell they have to endure day after day. Pull up Shansens on the WWW read what this woman wrote after her visit to the farm. She left in tears after seeing how those poor dogs are treated! Then we'll talk again! That is a good idea for anyone else reading this as well!!!



  • Va
      25th of Mar, 2017
    +3 Votes

    @Lorrie LHeureux You know what Lorrie first you need to learn how to spell Sebastopol...2nd of all Skansen Kennels has beautiful dogs...I have purchased not make allegations unless you can prove them...all fur babies have problems as a mommy take mentioned the cost of your medical issues...get over it that is the cost of being a responsible mommy get over yoursel[censored]

  • Al
      18th of Aug, 2009
    -7 Votes

    I was going to get a dog from Skansen, after they retired one of the females. The day we went to pick her up, we were just leaving when the 'help' noticed that she looked a little plump. Turns out she was expecting puppies. It was obvious they had no clue, and I would swear they also didn't know who the Sire was.

    My sister got her Standard Schnauzer from Skansen, and it was abnormally large. My sister loved the dog, but she commented that her vet and groomer thought there was something wrong with the breeding claims as he was just too large, yet not large enough to be a giant. If you visit Skansen, expect to be shocked at living conditions.

  • Ss
      22nd of Aug, 2009
    +13 Votes

    My experience with Sylvia and the dog she has provided to me was been wonderful. My first Giant was everything she claimed. She was beautiful and had a fabulous personality. It is amazing how she has used the knowledge of holistic and healthy choices for her kennel. When you get a dog from her you get a education on nutrition which she practices on her kennel. Healthy, Healthy, Healthy is all I can say. I have seen footage on Youtube of Skansens kennel and it looks like a very well kept and healthy environment. She has also been featured on animal planet and I do not believe that they would endorse a owner that provided a business that was less than above board. Any day now I am expecting another Giant from Skansens and I could not be more positive about who I am purchasing my next best friend from.

  • Lo
      22nd of Aug, 2009
    -14 Votes

    You will be getting a picture of my dog, wait your the other idiot. No problem I'll send you one too. Go to the farm lady before you make a fool of yourself again. We have see it with our own eyes you are obviously one of her flunkies trying desperately to save her name, which is now PUPPY MILL OWNER!

  • Da
      1st of Sep, 2009
    +9 Votes

    I understand your complaint, and sorry you had a bad experience! I purchased a pup from a dogo argentino breeder in Canada! I paid 2000 for show quality pup and said I would never buy a dog I don't see first, my dog arrived def!

    Now I'm curently in the market for a giant shnauzer, and the truth is that i saw the most beautiful giant shnauzers a few days a go in miramar fl! I asked the man where he bought the dogs he said skanzan. I told Him my story and he said this breeder is much different, just be clear with her for what you want! Since then I've been talking to the kennel, they sound very professional and I believe they are trying to do what is correct! If I buy a dog from this kennel, I will tell you exactly how my transaction goes and what I receive! I expect a pet quality large make! I will be back here with pictures if I buy the pup!!!

    Daniel Crespo

  • Ss
      7th of Sep, 2009
    +9 Votes


    I am certain you will NOT be disappointed. My new puppy will be here wednesday evening. I expect nothing but the best from Sylvia at Skansen Kennel. No matter what the issue if you need to speak to her she will do that and put your concerns to rest. This will be my second Top Show dog quality dog this one I do plan to show. I will post pictures as well. My beautiful baby girl's name is Jazell. I will post pictures once I get her as well. I would tell you good luck but you will not need it. Can't wait to see pictures

  • Lo
      8th of Sep, 2009
    -12 Votes

    It's people like you "stupid" that help keep these animals suffering!!! Good job pal. Be proud of your self. To bad you couldn't have picked the dog up in person, maybe you wouldn't have been so stupid.

  • Lo
      8th of Sep, 2009
    -12 Votes

    The old lady MUST be putting you losers up to this why else would you be on a complaint site? Trust me no one is buying your BS. And if you are stupid enough to buy from a puppy mill, then you better open your purse boys!!!

    For you animal lovers, I'm still working on shutting this mill down. I always get what I want when it's the right thing. Funny how the universe has a way of taking care of things! Keep the faith and the suffering will stop.

  • Ss
      10th of Sep, 2009
    +8 Votes


    As promised I received my puppy last night. She is very cute and very healthy. She was a little scared because of the travel but happy now that she is at my home and off the plane :). I had my vet look her over as I did with my first Scansion Giant Schnauzer and she is in excellent health ... as I expected. Attached you will see my first Giant Maxine. She was approx. 105 lbs and as you can see she loved to sleep in my elevator for some silly reason. When I took her for walks cars would stop to see her. She was the happiest wonderful dog most have ever seen. I have also attached a picture of the new puppy Jazell. She is lovely and slept most of the day, as her day yesterday was stressful.

    Sorry I can only seem to post one pic at a time so I will post the new puppy on the next one.

  • Lo
      11th of Sep, 2009
    -14 Votes

    You two need to exchange phone numbers! No one wants to hear your bull Sh--. And if you think we don't know it's BS guess again. This is a site for people with serious complaints, go play on face book.
    The farm was inspected by the humane society today, we'll see what they found. You may want to return that mutt!

  • Ss
      12th of Sep, 2009
    +9 Votes

    You have serious problems and they are not with Skansen Kennel they are in your head. If you think your vulgar replies are buying you any value you are surely wrong. This site is for people who want the truth and one sore apple like you will not bring a well run ranch to it's knees. So I will not allow you to continue this without people seeing that there are plenty and I mean plenty of us out here are have received and will continue to receive wonderful pets from this woman. So keep up the good work on your fabulous cracked personality so people can see you for what you are. It not good for you. So like it or not I will continue to post and reply to anyone that wants to know the truth.

  • Lj
      15th of Sep, 2009
    +10 Votes

    Lorrie sounds like one of the crack pots that have been around for years trying to defame Skansen Kennels. Easy to find this forum as it is listed under Skansen in a Google search. Interest in seeing which crackpot decided to write, I am aware of many of their names and Lorrie does sound familiar??

    If Lorrie really had the bad experience then she didn't do what is required in the contract...take the dog to a Vet for thorough exam and if not happy send back. Lorrie accept your responsibility and from your responses can imagine that you were the ignornant one in the transaction.

    I have also been to Skansens and found it a great environment for dogs, natural land, large runs and dogs very happy. My first Skansen dog was purchased just over 8 years ago and have since purchased 3 more, unfortunately one was killed accidently.

    I have two Standards and one Giant, all very healthy great temperments and top quality conformation.

    Anyone who is looking at Standard Schnauzers should know that they can very easily size out (this goes with all Standard Breeders)just as MIniature Schnauzers. Miniature Schnauzers have issue from all breeders.

  • Da
      26th of Sep, 2009
    +10 Votes

    Hello All, I just lost the most beautiful dog of my life, Hubbell. He was a standard all black. Hubbell came from Skansen and was plagued by constant yeast infections, but I found an article on line that hit the nail on the head with the cure. It worked. For most of his life, Hubbell was happy and very healthy. In his young years he was extremely athletic pulling me all over the neigborhood on my bike. About 4 years ago Hubbell had to have a toe removed on his back leg caused, I'm told by a form of melonoma that black dogs get. Unlike the younger Skansen Standard Black down the street from me who had several toes removed for the same reason, my Hubble only had one, so I consider he got off easy. Three plus weeks ago he woke up and could not keep his balance, quickly lost his appetite, cocked his head progressively worst for about four days. He screamed all night long for three nights, and after a second trip back to the vet we decided to let him go. I could not bare to see him suffer. But let me say in all fairness, Hubbell would have been 15 years old on December 9th! All and all, I'd say he was the finest Schnauzer I've ever owned. No regrets here, just facts. When I consider he lived to 105 in doggie years, I have to say, we both got our money's worth!

  • Pe
      2nd of Oct, 2009
    +8 Votes

    It appears to me that Lorrie has her shorts on too tight. First of all, I don't think she can count properly. Last time I was there I saw about 200 dogs including her own personal pets, breeder dogs and puppies. I have adopted two giant schnauzers from Skansen and they are wonderful. One is now seven and the other is thirteen. AND I am in the process in adopting another giant later this month. I really wonder if Lorrie has ever been to the ranch at all. It is amazing to see how Sylvia and her staff provide the daily care to her dogs. They really do care and do an outstanding job. If you are really thinking of getting one of her schnauzers then do so. How come Skansen Kennel has so many Champion dogs. Maybe its the way they are bred and cared for.

  • Bl
      10th of Oct, 2009
    +6 Votes

    My parents purchased a Standard Schnauzer from Skansen Kennels in 1969. Baron was a wonderful dog and as health as could be. Last year, I purchased my own Standard from Sylvia. Blue is a healthy beautiful dog who draws open admiration wherever we go. We went to the vet for rabies shot last week and the vet said he was "terrific".

  • Fl
      16th of Oct, 2009
    +10 Votes

    Lorrie, it seems you had a problem, but the ranch you described does not resemble the one I visited several years back, when considering a giant schnauzer. The dogs I viewed looked quite healthy, active and well tended, but there was no way there were anywhere near the number of dogs you suggested. "The old lady who owns the place, " has a name, and from the very beginning of your letter there is an apparent lack of civility and an overt rudeness. Have you considered the possibility that you are in need of a significant attitude adjustment? It's been my experience over a great number of years that those who approach others with a belligerent or combative attitude often wind up with less than sympathetic responses and much poorer outcomes. Your borderline paranoid accusations that all posts either defending the kennel owner or discounting your account of the facts are part of an overarching conspiracy by the owner to refute your attack is just plain ridiculous. This kennel is extremely accomplished in having produced many champion dogs which are excellent representations of what a Giant should look like, move like, act like, etc. Sorry for your unfortunate experience, but you obviously do not bring out the best in people. -Flip DeBerge

  • Cr
      17th of Oct, 2009
    +8 Votes

    Lorrie - you're an idiot. Skansens is a breeding kennel - you expect all the dogs to live in her houe?sleep on her couch? go for Sunday drives? I visited the farm and was astounded by the fresh meat they were being fed. The staff were busy but professional and the dogs seemed perfectly happy and healthy. We had a breeding that didn't take and Sylvia had no problems with us coming back for another of charge. once again are an IDIOT...oh peace

    Richard Towert

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