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I ordered some stuff from the website I paid about $400, and after several days my gadget stopped to work and I contacted the seller and told him to solve the problem. He gave me empty promises, as well as he charged me for services, which he didn’t provide me. Please leave comments about this seller, because people should know that the website is fraud and they can lose money.

Dec 22, 2013
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  • Jo
      24th of Nov, 2014 - Bugs

    Sitemile has many themes but none works in perfect condition. The themes are full of bugs. The team is led by Andrei Saioc that is a liar and unprofessional. Just do a little research on facebook sitemile to understand the number of angry people who have problems

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  • Sl
      2nd of Jun, 2015

    My law firm is currently in discussions with a number of customers of the website It has been alleged that they have been conning customers by selling themes that contain several bugs and openly promoting them as “turn-key solutions” that will give you a website "within minutes of purchasing" despite being well aware that the themes do not work.

    Several customers have already forwarded me screenshots where SiteMile have promised to fix the bugs but never delivered, screenshots of customer posts which SiteMile have deleted from their forum to hide their dodgy practices from potential new customers, and other evidence they have tried to hide. If you believe you have been conned by this company, or its owner Andrei Saioc, please contact me or leave a comment below at your earliest convenience.

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  • Ly
      5th of Jul, 2015

    SiteMile is a one-man show (Andrei Saioc) out of Eastern Europe and is a complete SCAM. The scam works like this. You see an awesome-looking theme on their website full of many great features and it's cheaply priced so you decide to buy it. But once you start using it, you immediately notice that it's full of bugs so you notify support of all the errors. You will then get a response from Andrei who will give you some fake story saying that fixing those problems will require him to do several hours of "custom work" which he will then charge you for!

    THIS IS A COMPLETE SCAM! He is purposely selling faulty themes so that he can then charge unsuspecting users several hundreds of dollars in "custom work". But it gets worse! I have a friend who actually paid him for the extra work but Andrei didn't even fix all the problems and asked for more money. Andrei is a real fraud and I would suggest anyone that has had dealings with him to report him on websites like this so that no one else gets ripped off!!!

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  • Ch
      23rd of Aug, 2015

    Not sure what your problems were but i sure was helped a lot by Andrei, and he supported me directly via skype. The auction theme i bought from them was simply great, it had all the features that i needed. And did you buy through paypal or some sort, why didnt you ask your money back if you found bugs, i know paypal has a nice buyer protection program which most likely you win if you are a buyer.

    But for me the theme was fine, and my customer was happy with this real estate auction website

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  • De
      19th of Aug, 2017

    @Charlie Borman I'm sure this is Andrie commenting using a fake profile. I don't think any of his themes works OMG he's attitude towards customers is awful. He's a thief.

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  • De
      31st of Jul, 2018

    I purchased sitemile Pricerr theme 3 months ago, it is not like the one in the Demo. Andrea keeps promising without delivering. He is a Fraudulent guy.

    He keeps delaying the project with simple payment integration for over 3 months.

    I would never advice anyone to purchase their theme, Andrea and SiteMile are scammers !!!

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  • Jo
      28th of Oct, 2018

    I've been waiting about 6 months for something that I was told would take a week. For the past 2 months Andrea has been saying it will be ready by the end of the week. Every week there are excuses. I am starting to thing that he has taken my money and will not deliver. Does anyone know the process for reporting this to authorities in eastern Europe.

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  • Pa
      4th of Jan, 2019

    I purchased the auction theme for my site . You may visit it to see that it is real . Im super frustrated that simple request have not been completed . The totally functionality is trash . You are supposed to be able to change color, fonts, texts from admin. I have ask for couple of months to make the changes. At first he tried to get me to pay for custom changes which would include changes that were already supposed to be including with the theme purchase . Then i requested for only the included changes instead just to get my website going and thats when his responses became far and few and between .

    Listen Andre i know you will read this and this no way to bash you im trying to protect the next buyer who may not want to spend 80 bucks or more on a theme that cant even change colors . If you wanted better reviews you would respond much quicker and not act as if i hadn't responded to your questions via email ..

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  • Mi
      15th of Mar, 2019

    @Patrice Sharon Thompson If only I read these info about sitemile, I would never have bought the professional package all access to themes and plugins “jobminer” included but I found out that it’s not released yet, why was there a price and available to buy if is not released yet, guys... Andrei has another strategy with the site, when I bought the professional version then paid via paypal... the downloadable version were the base versions, so then I filed a Dispute with paypal on the grounds of “not as described” but then He fixed the label from “base version” to “pro version” but the license didnt change, and I still had no access to plugins, then he asked me to wait then I saw there are plugins on the member page, but when you download it most of them are empty “no valid plugin found” on wordpress, so while we were still on the process of dispute in paypal, ( I reported it as “not as described” first because I received base versions, then Paypal sided with him on the grounds of “not as described” so we tried to appeal it 3x, as per paypal reps and managers our claim was declined for inconsistencies of the claim because when we tried to install the themes and the plugins, most of them are broken and renders invalid plugins, or missing css stylesheet, so we tried to add broken and missing parts, thats when paypal decided in favor of sitemile because of inconsistencies, even though we provided all the screenshots and user login to both wordpress and member page on sitemile, they sided with sitemile even though sitemile already offered us a partial refund, then offered us again with 60% refund because as Andrei said “ I already paid the affilate user” whatever that means, and take not we filed the dispute 30mins after the purchase. So be careful guys, it seems that it is systematic approach on sitemile side to make you look like inconsistent on your claims for sitemile to win.

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  • Mi
      22nd of Mar, 2019

    @Mickey Machate I am retracting my comment on sitemile, Because Andrei fixed the problem and refunded me for the whole amount, i woulda deleted this comment but there seemed to be no option for it, if there’s any option to do it please guys let me know, I feel bad because Andrei and I agreed that I take this comment down, because He you transacted with me and fix the problem in good faith.

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  • Ja
      5th of Apr, 2019

    Andrei is full of promises. I purchased Developer licence about 6 years ago, this would give full access to all themes as well as any future themes developed. I have been waiting for Job Miner theme for years.
    Now one has to now pay for yearly support also.
    If i knew this i would of rather purchased else where.
    As soon as the FORUM was disabled i knew something was not right !

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