Singtelsingtel marketing - poor communication over iphone 8/x new launch

D Nov 21, 2017

I'm a Apple fan and have had never failed to upgrade my iPhone handset with Singtel by re-contracting my current plan. I was directed by Singtel to register my interest for iPhone X at the beginning.

As the phone finally launched in Singapore, I was excited to receive SMS from Singtel to pre-order online and wait for confirmation email. I waited but, there's NO emails coming in my box. I called Singtel 1688, I got NO helps and was advised to continue getting updates through either Singtel website for or the retail store for iPhone X availability.

Since there's still a need to wait, checking-in online and retail store for available stock, I find it defeat the purpose of Singtel, requesting us to register our interest at the beginning???

Over the past 20 years with Singtel, I thought, they have not improved but, worsen in providing good services. I'm getting really disappointed!

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