Singtel / business broadband connection

Singapore, SG

We called Singtel to confirm the process to formally terminate our account in May /June. As per their instructions, we sent them a written notice to terminate the account with signature of the authorized person in our company in June itself. Its November now and Singtel is still sending invoices. We discontinued paying them for obvious reasons and now they have sent letters through Collectius CMS to recover money.

I simply dont understand how can a big company like Singtel operate in such a way. Its waste of our time, energy and resources for us to deal with them. The funny part is that their officers send us emails from an email address to which we cannot send emails and when we call them the wait period is over 30 mins. So how does one communicate??

I read other complaints and it seems we are not the first to go through this. Singtel seems to have a pattern here. Are they doing this intentionally to make more money by wrongful ways? If not then why would not fix these issues internally and let them crop up on regular basis with different customers...

Nov 14, 2017

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