SingPost / singpost - trust eroded - missing parcels & important bank statements and documents


Known Missing Items
1) Parcel = SGD 180
2) Parcel = SGD 30
3) monthly Company Bank Statements
4) Credit card bills
5) Utility Bills

Unknown Items = Remains Unknown

Lodged a case with Singpost pertaining to the known missing items that we are expecting for investigation. It is abnormal to not receive the statements from various banks and even more weird that there are no mails for consecutive 4 working days.
But all Singpost can "so called" investigate & revert is that there is no outstanding mails/parcels pending to be dispatched. When I further queried if they have checked with the Postman in charge of my area, the officer merely said it's the best they can do.
This is definitely not good enough from a customer's perspective, there is clearly a lack of ownership for the problem. This is a serious matter, we are missing out on important information via post, wasting time to try to request for replacements, losing valuable parcels & not forgetting the impact of the unexpected mails.
Simply makes me wonder how I can trust our local postal services going forward. If it is true that our mails and parcels are not pending dispatch, I'm imagining that they are in the hands of someone else, which we might never recover...Utterly Disappointed.

Jul 18, 2016

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