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simply buy any car / false claims

1 al quoz dubai, United Arab Emirates Review updated:
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This was a total waste of time. The site estimates your car market value and then offers you 60% less than the posted estimate! My car was valuated at 30, 540 AED by THEIR online estimator, and when I visited SimplyBuyAnyCar at the Al Barsha branch of the RTA in Dubai, they told me after test driving my car that it was in good condition and the only fault that he found was the car was previously painted on the left side and the suspension needed work, but otherwise the car was very sound with no major flaws. He then told me that the car was an import, so that would immediately reduce the value by at least 20%. I didn't quite understand why but I went along with it thinking that it would be ok as long as there was nothing else wrong that i should still end up receiving a fair price for the car. We proceeded back inside (and after waiting about 30 minutes for him to input the information in the computer) he started setting me up for the bad news by telling me how it so hard to sell my model of car and the market is not moving well for the car type. After his explanation he then told me that he could only offer me 10, 000 AED for my car. I thought that I would almost fall out of my chair when I heard this. This means the online valuation that was given of over 30, 000 AED was cut all the way to only 10, 000AED after all was said and done. This was only 1/3 less of what they offered online! Why give such estimates to people to have them come in and try to insult them with such low offers, what a sham! TOTAL DISSAPOINTMENT. It appears as if these types of institutions pray on those that are down on their luck or just doesn't know any better. If you want a fair deal just sell your car the traditional way and steer clear of sites and businesses such as these or if you want to basicly just give your car away at least do it with someone you know or like.

Apr 27, 2015
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  • Ta
      10th of Jul, 2015
    +1 Votes

    Yeap, they are nothing but a big scam.

  • Am
      25th of Feb, 2016
    +1 Votes

    @Teddy 68, We are sorry to hear you had a bad experience with us as we strive to solve our customers problems by purchasing any car on the spot regardless of the condition.
    As you have mentioned you received an on-line evaluation that didn't match with the price you were eventually given at our branch.
    First of all, the price we give on-line is only an estimation that is based on some information taken about your car. Unfortunately we can not tell you our exact evaluation until we see the car.The same way you wouldn't purchase any second hand item without seeing it first.
    The price we offered at the branch is likely due to faults in the car and the fact that the car is an American import. Paintwork and damage will inevitably reduce the value of any car, regardless of who you are selling to; the only difference when you sell to us is that we are car specialists so we are able to spot a car that needs work and value it appropriately.
    I understand that you may not think the original country of your car is relevant, however the majority of cars that are imported from America are in fact damaged in some way.
    As you will be able to see, prices of non- GCC spec cars are significantly cheaper and sell much slower.
    The market is struggling in all industries, and this is not just local it is international and our prices reflect the current value of your car when all factors are taken into account

    I was unable to find your details on our system, so it may help if you give us your name and contact details so I can follow up with you personally.

  • Si
      21st of Mar, 2016
    +1 Votes

    Simply Buy any car is the biggest scam ever in Dubai.
    I checked my car value on the site just to know how much the value has depreciated.
    Their Online evaluation estimated my German Car value, 1 year 5 months old, barely driven, GCC, with warranty and and service pack for 133, 000 AED.

    This seemed nice, but I did not proceed with booking an appointment, as I wasnt keen on selling. Within 5 mins I received a call from their Sales Agents. The face of this scams name was 'Shirin', who spoke in super swag style how amazing their site is, and all the buullS#it, and I should head over to Al-Barsha RTA and they would have a better estimate once I will be there. Long story short.. I fell for it. I decided to burn my time by listening to this lady's pretty bogus talks.

    Head over there, a Paki desk boy, decides to throw all accent and apparently 'Help' me out as he claims. Amazingly, right at this point, few potential customers decide to call me up as well for the car (seemed to be unrelated to SimplyBuyanyCar, but is it co-incidence, they call me right at this hour ?) and ask me all sorts of BS questions, like they have never seen a Beamer, merc Porche or Audi.

    This is so amazingly staged, that the Dood "helping" me, tells me he has 4 cars listed on local classifieds, and how amazing simply sell any car is, because they are "helping" people.

    He heads to the car, the dood decides to click some horrific blurred images of my car, doesnt bother asking me even one question of model, HP, Service history - nada, and takes a tiny little drive of the RTA compound.
    Through out the drive he is complimenting on how amazing the car is, and Im really lucky to own it. Parks and takes me back inside To "help" me with the pricing. Replies with 50k, yes, he doesnt even blink - 50k for my car which their website evaluated was for 133, 000 only 3 hours ago. And Laughs his guts out with tongue in cheek. I bet he gets paid few extra quids for this tongue-in-cheek BS that compliments his ###ed fake accent and cool 'SWAAG" with a half baldish haircut.

    Meanwhile, in the middle of this, I got hold of another "Helpful" agent of Simplysellanycar and asked what do they do with these cars.
    He said they sell the cars locally, So I was like wow, so can show me some interesting cars I would like to upgrade. He tells me I will need to deposit 20, 000 Aed with them, and they will give me a link to their inventory, a website which is not public and I will get a secret password for it.
    So I asked him, what was the deposit for - to which he responds - well, if you dont buy the car through us, your deposit wont be returned.

    So wow, they drive our cars for free, without paying us nothing, but promising false prices and hassle free proceedings, but the fraudulent simplybuyanycar employees, have yet another trick up their sleeve to Gobble all your hard earned money.

    Its shameful, how RTA is allowing such heinous activities in their premises. And how come no one has gotten these scamsters. Amazing UAE.

  • Sp
      5th of May, 2016
    0 Votes

    Went 2 days ago and left feeling totally humiliated. They claimed my car had been in an accident, it has not. They questioned whether my loan was paid off, it is and is registered with RTA. They told me cars like mine are nor popular in the market. Basically, they lie to get you there and then lie some more.

    Unfortunately, people like me get a false sense of security from the fact that this company is based inside Tasjeel. Someone is making a lot of dishonest money out of people in crisis.

    I hope they will be investigated and closed down. I am appalled.

  • Sp
      5th of May, 2016
    +1 Votes

    Absolutely agree. These people left me feeling totally humiliated. What a scam. Apparently my car has been in a major accident which I don't know about, despite the car being in my ownership from new. They also questioned whether my loan was paid off. It is registered as cleared with RTA. Forget the online evaluation. They say it doesn't exist and demonstrate on their own computers that no evaluation is given. Apparently no one wants BMWs any more either. Lies, lies, lies. Glad I already knew the value of the car and wasn't sucked in by their garbage. Don't go near this outfit.

  • Fu
      27th of Jun, 2016
    0 Votes

    They said they will do a 20-minute actual inspection on the car to evaluate the price. The online price i got was 35, 000. This guy at their counter spent 2 mins taking pictures of my car and writes something in his tablet then asked me to come inside. He asked me the same questions i answered in the online evaluation and after he enters everything on his computer he said 20, 000. I could have gotten that estimate over the phone or the live chat and not waste my time driving there and he didnt even check the interiors. By the way my car is in perfect condition and had no accidents or faults whatsoever. I dont see how they can trick people with this style. Complete waste of time!

  • Qa
      21st of Nov, 2016
    0 Votes

    I had a a BMW M3 2012, I have visited companies like Simply Buy any car, Sell Any Car and Cash your Car Uae, and they made a ridiculous offer for my vehicle even though the online valuation promised me Double what they actually offered. I am pretty sure the inspectors in these companies didn't even know how to value my car as they couldn't find anything wrong with it. I then visited as it was in same area and was expecting to deal with a similar calibre of intelligence however i was pleasantly surprised by the knowledge and professionalism of the agent. They also managed to give me a better price for my car and paid me the same day.
    I would definitely recommend Visiting the team at WeCashAnyCar.Com If you wanna sell your car in a fast and efficient manner in Dubai.

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