Signet Financial Group (SFG)service contract refund agreement

Purchased a Service Contract Refund Agreement from what I thought was Dolan Toyota in Reno Nevada. The nuance of it being a 3rd party provider and not Toyota was not mentioned. I, of course, did not read the fine print so shame on me. However, I never used the contract and am entitled to a refund of $1, 250.00.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Vacaville, CAI am going to take it up with Dolan Toyota because they should at least refund me the commission they made selling this contract which is now simply lost money for me. As a senior citizen, this really devastates me. I am disturbed at so many levels. After numerous phone calls to Dolan they never even had the courtesy to call me back and explain the situation. So now I am upset with Signet and Dolan Toyota of Reno. I intend to research through various agencies to see what recourse I might have.

  • Updated by Mary E Davis · May 26, 2017

    Dolan Toyota Scion of Reno reached out to me and have helped me to better understand the situation. The actual warranty was still being covered by Toyota; Signet was at fault on the refundable promise. Toyota did apologize for not reaching out earlier and have made me feel okay about their dealership. However, Signet is still a very "bad guy" and they scammed many people.

May 18, 2017

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