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We received a bill from Sicilyby Car for Euro 1, 103.25 in damages . We dispute these charges in full on the grounds that the vehicle was damaged before we received it.
As outlined in our statement, the driver had extensive experience driving manual vehicles . On vehicle pick-up he expressed concerns to SicilybyCar staff that the clutch was not engaging properly. This was before even leaving the parking garage. The staff promptly dismissed these concerns and mocked the customer. All three passengers can attest to the driver expressing these concerns at that time.

On departing the parking garage at Fiumicino Airport, the vehicle was driven exclusively on highways en route to Florence. Approximately 200 km into the trip there was a traffic slowdown on a hill. Once traffic moved the driver noted that, as had been the case at the Fiumicino Airport parking garage, the 2nd gear would not engage properly. We were actually left in an extremely dangerous situation by this defect while attempting to merge into highspeed traffic. Therefore, we shortly pulled over and called for roadside assistance. (have to pay for taxi from own packet)
Any further damage which the driver may have caused was a direct results of this pre-existing damage and the extremely dangerous situation to which it exposed us.
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Jul 29, 2018

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