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Shopper Drug Mart / racist behaviour

1 150 Esplanade West, North Vancouver, BC V7M 1A3‎ North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Contact information:
Phone: (604) 904-0150‎

on sunday april the 12 /2009 arround 3:30 pm i entred this store to shop and noticed quickly that the security gard is folowing me every where i was done so obviously that i felt discussed but trayed to convance myself that maybe he is exagerating his job with everyone else..i showed clearly that i have been bothered..but seemed that he was enjoying waht he is doing..i didn't get to do any of my shoppings since this started as soon i enterd this store!!? so finally i decided to give up and leave and this security gard stopped me near the cashier asking me to check my hand bag! when i asked what was the raison that i have been targeted out every one else his response was he is only doing his job and to my request what did i do wrong and if he has seen me grabbing something and putting it in my bag or wherever else..there was no answer ..his only answer was that he is only doing his job??!! so i m wondering if his job is to target speciphioc people/ race / religion/immigrant.. whatever..was he instructed to accuse, agressively bother and suspect specific people of being theifs without any evidence, intimidate them when i through all the content of my bag on the table all what i got is a cold i oppologize with no explanation...i had just come from a wonderful siatshu traitment and entring this store rouin it ..i decided never to step again there although i left a dear couple of magnet when i through my bag's contents on the table..i used to bay from this store and once before another security garde was following me from far i felt discussed but found so many excuses for that not anymore..i might never shop or enter not only this shopper drug mart but any shopper drug mart anywhere else..they are doumed


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