SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / Cashback not credited

United States

I have earned over $ 5, 000 in cash back for the last 7 years, using 6 or 7 different cash back sites, so I know the rules and am always very careful.

Please, be careful too when using ShopAtHome as your cash back platform. I have experienced so many problems with them that I stopped using them as my go-to cash back site. Recently, they refused to credit my account for an order placed on The reason they gave me makes no sense. The more I tried to explain why, the more they argued with me. I never experience any issue with for instance. I cannot possibly make mistakes only when I use ShopAtHome.

Another problem. I contacted ShopAtHome about cash back not being credited, and the customer service representative who dealt with my case/ticket kept arguing with me, spamming my inbox with more and more emails to make his/her point. I have never seen that before. This is highly unprofessional. So disrespectful!

Feb 24, 2017

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