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We wanted to build a new home and selected Shoopman Homes as our builder. Our realtor submitted an offer, which was accepted in writing. Our next step was to sign the purchase agreement, which was signed by us and by the seller's delegate (salesperson). We were told we would be contacted in a week to schedule an appointment at the design center. We waited three weeks and called the Sales Associate, who stated she didn't know what the hold up was and a person from the design center would call us soon. Still nothing. Finally, after 6 weeks, our realtor contacted the Sales Associate who told us Paul had "changed his mind." He no longer wanted to build our home. Although we have an accepted offer in writing, they accepted our ernest money, because Paul (owner) did not sign the purchase agreement himself, he feels he has the right not to follow through. He strung us along for almost 8 weeks (which we could have spent with another builder) and then "changed his mind." He is dishonest, has HORRIBLE sales practices, and can't be trusted. Part of me is glad he backed out because out or our AGREEMENT because I wouldn't trust him to build a home my family would be safe in. Oh, and I have everything in writing.

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  • Mw
      26th of Apr, 2012

    I think I do. I consulted a lawyer and in fact, I do. We had an agreement, which I have in writing. Something tells me two lawyers aren't wrong.

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  • Mw
      26th of Apr, 2012

    For some unknown reason, the text seems to have populated incorrectly when published. Thank you for your comment "The Facts Only Please, " but we did have an agreement. I contacted two separate real estate lawyers both stating that we did have an agreement. I am not upset that he chose not to build the house, but I am upset that we were told "yes, " and then 8 weeks later told that "he changed his mind" and that because he personally didn't sign it, it doesn't count. It was a horrible experience. Regardless of anyones opinion of whether he was right or wrong, he treats customer's horribly and people should know that. Our experience was not unique and I spoke to someone else who had a similar problem. My only regret is that I didn't do more research on the builder ahead of time. That was my mistake.

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  • Ir
      26th of Jul, 2012

    I think this is hillarious because I am currently fighting to get out of the purchase agreement because he didnt sign it and they wont give me my earnest money back. I was told by the consultant shoopman contracted to do my loan to falsify my bank statements and to hide debts. That could get me put in prison and since she wont put my loan threough without the documents. They are saying Im responible for not seeing the loan through. now no one will even answer my calls. stay away from shoopman homes

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  • Sa
      9th of Feb, 2013

    First of all, let me say, we love our Paul Shoopman Homebuilding Group Home. Paul and his team were exceptional to work with from
    the beginning. He listened to our needs and recommended the appropriate plan for our budget. He was willing to compromise on the
    floor plan (within reason) and was willing to work with the developer of our neighborhood. He personally looked at our lot and
    positioned the new home based on our desires of wanting to keep some of our trees and sunlight.
    The overall building process was smooth and if there was an issue that arose, Paul and his team were quick to communicate,
    respond and close out issues.
    We strongly recommend Shoopman Homes, great quality and great customer service!

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  • Di
      22nd of Mar, 2013

    This is the worst possible builder to go with in the state of Indiana. There is zero communication on where you are in the build process, and no construction manager to help with the many, and I mean many mistakes and errors that will arise. Not only have I had multiple issues during and after construction/closing Paul Shoopman has stonewalled me and completely ignored all of my requests for help. Not to mention during the construction process the contractors had absolutely all BAD things to say about Paul, he doesn't pay, and when he does he doesn't pay on time. I would NOT build with this company. YOU WILL REGRET IT. My home appraised at 34k less than I paid for it just 67 days after I closed. DON'T DO IT!!

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  • Di
      22nd of Mar, 2013

    I agree! here was a mechanics lien placed on my home within 30 days of closing because Paul Shoopman didn't pay for the cabinets and installation thereof. I know someone who works there as well, he doesn't pay. He does however pay people to post positive comments on sites like these. (rumored) but I cannot say that it's 100% true.

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  • Ca
      15th of Apr, 2013

    In the beginning I was thrilled with Shoopman! He met with us personally and worked around our schedule and was able to customize things that other builders would have nickel-and-dimed us over. He was eager to keep in contact with us and hurried us along to make decisions and sign the purchase agreement. Then as soon as the purchase agreement was signed and the earnest money check cashed they have been horribly bad at communicating with us! What are some of your experiences with their timeframe? A month later (we were told, verbally of course, that it would be a couple weeks) they had the signature pack (minus the plot plan) ready. And we're now a month after that and they still won't give us an estimated start date! After that we were told two to three weeks to wait for the building permit. After three weeks I had to call the city to find out what was taking so long. They hasn't submitted it yet. Now two months after signing the purchase agreement I just want to know: an estimated start date and an estimated close date. We were told 75 days for the building process. Should I not believe that either??

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  • Bi
      26th of May, 2013

    Biggest mistake of my life buying a Shoopman Home. This was our first home and to be honest we really did not do our homework so when we walked into the model home we fell in love with the model. Not only did it take 6 MONTHS to build our home but 1/2 mile down the road we could of got 1200 more sqft for the same price that we paid. Everyone in the neighborhood said they are unhappy with their home and it took months longer then what they were originally told.
    I know after a year the new house will settle and they will do a walk through but they still have not fixed the issues we showed them at time of closing. Now we have 2-3 drywall crack in each room our kitchen cabinets are crooked and we dont even have a big enough hot water heater to fill up our bath tub.

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  • Jj
      16th of Nov, 2013

    This is a letter of recommendation in the highest regard for Paul Shoopman. I have known and worked with Paul since 2003. With me and my clients by Paul's actions he has proven himself to be honest, an excellent communicator and possessing home construction knowledge that I've not witnessed with most other builders. When compared to other builders Paul almost always has the most competitive sales price.
    I've served as a VP of Sales for a local and a national builder and as a real estate broker sell on average 50 homes a year. Consequently I'm fully aware of all the builder options in the Indianapolis market place. Without failure I introduce every client I work with to Paul. I make sure all my buyer clients explore building options with Paul. Paul has built homes for many of my clients and all of them have been happy with the process and finished product. Paul is an important part of my business model. Every realtor and buyer should include the Paul Shoopman Home Building Group on their tour.

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  • Ch
      22nd of Nov, 2013

    We were in market to buy a new home since last year. We did extensive market research and met almost all major builders in Greater Indianapolis Area and finally selected Paul Shoopman Homes. Based on our research and experience; three close friends also bought their homes from him at the same time. Primary reason to buy a Paul Shoopman Home were based on following reasons:
    1. Openness and honesty: We don’t want to be surprised during construction and Paul was very upfront and open during contract signing process. He is a visionary builder and anticipates potential problems and always suggests cost-effective solutions.
    2. Paul is only builder that asks “wish-list’ and is never in rush to get the sales contract signed rather allows plenty of time to think, decide and plan. There is never any sales pressure.
    3. Only builder who can customize features at minimum cost. For example you can add crown molding, tray ceiling etc. anywhere at a price no builder will match.
    4. Paul has innovative ideas to draw a balance between budget and ‘wish-list” and will make unique recommendations.
    5. Design Center at Paul Shoopman Homes are unmatched in industry and I recommend anyone in the market for home at least visit and see yourself. Selection choices are mind boggling. Only builder in town who will allow to go and shop yourself outside their design center and he negotiates and gets stuff at price far below than market value for customers.
    6. Paul is not a type of builder who will abandon you once it is closed, he is there to fix any problem during warranty period. You can also seek suggestion to upgrade your home years later, Paul is never out of ideas.
    7. Even in earlier production homes Paul built, elevations are so attractive and different, it feels custom homes. If elevation matters and you are under budget constraint, Paul Shoopman Home is a must see.
    It is an honor to call ourselves Paul Shoopman Home owner. With gratitude;

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  • Vi
      29th of Dec, 2013

    I'm glad I read these...
    We were thinking of building with Shoopman.
    Why doesn't the BBB (better business bureau) show complaints against him???

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  • Rs
      16th of Jan, 2014

    I had a really great and stress free start to my new home... The whole process with Paul Shoopman from the
    initial meeting to my sign off on the final drawings has gone smoothly. Everyone I have dealt with in your
    company has courteous and helpful. My new home is under construction ...this will be my second Shoopman
    home...and I am looking forward to a beautiful new home that brings me as much joy as the last.

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  • Sp
      27th of Feb, 2014

    We just love our Shoopman home and everything is more than "OK". Our kids came home for Thanksgiving and Christmas so that transformed the new house into a home. From time to time we have rented a house by the ocean or up in the mountains and our family has gathered there for a few weeks. I remember looking at the calendar and counting the days we had left to enjoy our stay. I have the same feeling in our Teal Lane home and have to remind myself that we don't have to leave in a week! We really love the house and feel so fortunate and indebted to your efforts. Thanks so much.

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  • Tr
      17th of Mar, 2014

    Our home was built in October of 2012 by Shoopman, most folks still think it was a model home. I enjoyed my experience with Paul...he followed through & kept his word on items that needed attention [Still does with the warranty]. Since then we've had minor issues in the home majority of which will be addressed when they circle back around for the one year review/walk through. The responses for service have been swift including re-direction [by Paul] in the event the contractor can't complete a certain task. Buying a Shoopman guarantees a quality home and peace of won't be disappointed.

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  • Aw
      21st of Mar, 2014

    (November 2010) DENVER –Paul Shoopman Homebuilding Group of Indianapolis, Indiana, has been named a Diamond Builder by 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty for Paul Shoopman’s years of excellence in construction standards, customer satisfaction and financial stability.The prestigious Diamond Builder Award puts Paul Shoopman Homebuilding Group in the top one percent among builders who provide customers with the superior home warranty protection of2-10 Home Buyers Warranty. Only 46 builders have received the designation in the last two decades.“We’ve worked hard to put our customers first and to build solid custom homes, and we’re honored that 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty has affirmed our commitment to quality with this Diamond Builder Award, ” CEO Paul Shoopman said.Formed in 2004, Paul Shoopman Homebuilding Group offers over 43 floor plans in 22 locations throughout the greater Indianapolis area, with prices ranging from the low $100, 000’s to $500, 000 and above. The company’s awards include E&Y Entrepreneur of the Year, John C. Hart Presidential Award, and BAGI Builder of the Year.2-10 Home Buyers Warranty New Home Division President Mark Lewis said Paul Shoopman Homebuilding Group has earned its reputation as a premier builder.“It is exciting for us to extend this exclusive status to Paul Shoopman, one of our long-time partners, ” Lewis said. “Because Paul Shoopman is dedicated to quality workmanship and customer satisfaction, 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty knows it can assure people who buy Shoopman homes that they are getting an outstanding residence they can call home for many years.”The Diamond Builder Award honors builders who maintain the highest quality in building and customer satisfaction. In addition to establishing an outstanding personal reputation and proper warranty performance, 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty Diamond Builders also must demonstrate financial stability, superior construction standards and distinguished design development. Homes built by Paul Shoopman Homebuilding Group are backed by the 2-10 HBW Structural Warranty.

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  • Bl
      14th of Oct, 2014

    I didnt do my research on this builder and i should have my husband and i were trying to build our first home we paid our earnest money and signed the agreement then we heard nothing from them for months horrible communication as if it was done purposely we were so excited until we realized they were not going to have our house done by november as we agreed I asked for a mutual release and earnest money to be refunded it has been over 2 months and still nothing i emailed and called i finally talked to a guy who said mr shoopman is aware of everything but i have yet to hear from them its sad because they promote helping low income families get a house and a mortgage that fits your family but he steals from you my family is not by any means wealthy we are barely making it and for him to take so little but alot from us is sad we are new to indy and was wanting to Provide our kids with a home but instead we were lied to cheated and now we are in a small apartment trying to find another way but may god bless his soul but i hope someone can stop his stealing because people work hard for their money so giving it away is not an option but its easy when you trust the wrong people

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  • Sp
      20th of Oct, 2014

    Paul Shoopman has built thousands of homes over the years and has an excellent track record. I personally have dealt with him and my experience was pleasant. I have no issues or anything to complain about. I would recommend Shoopman Homes to anyone who is looking to build. He is one of the few builders that will customize the floor plans.

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