Shoedazzlecharging my credit card again for an already purchased item!

This has happened not once, twice but three times now, and quite frankly i'm pissed off at they're lack of fixing this problem their [censored]ic billing department has!! I purchased boots on november 26th to see yet again the same purchase charged to my credit card today dec. 2! So I call them to again complain and the person i'm speaking with is trying to twist me into thinking this didn't actually happen. Give me a supervisor! I work at a hotel. I know how easy it is to reverse this. Do you think I was even given the excellent service of this being done? Ha! Of course not. I was told heres 10% off your next purchase for the error. Your freaking kidding me right now! Your lucky I ever use your service again! Who authorized you to charge me again for a purchase I already made?? I auta call the police cause this is fraudulant and pure theift!!! And not only do these cowards do this once but three times!!!
Ill be dambed im gonna wait 10 days for my money credited. God help them!

Dec 02, 2018

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