shelter insurance in mississippi / no payout on claim to injured party.

Jackson, MS, United States

hit by a vehicle that pulled out in front of my vehicle due to no fault of my own. my vehicle was totaled, and i had to go to the hospital with injuries. other party admitted fault, shelter was their insurance company. my company paid out a portion in a timely manner. shelter has yet to PAY ANYTHING toward my claim for compensation . this happened in 2012. i have to call shelter for any information on my claim status, and i HAVE NOT gotten a satisfactory answer yet. the adjuster is always nice, but never can tell me why it is taking so long for them to pay. i have submitted all documentation they requested, had my interview over the phone, submitted a request for them to get access to my medical records. to this day shelter has yet to pay anything for my claim.

Mar 26, 2013

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