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Gery carson's six figure income company is a big scam, they will rip you off, thier affiliate program is bulls*t and a scam, check with the better business bureau first before you get scammed, this company should be put out of business, do not purchase any products, if you decide to send them back even in good condition they will not refund your money, they will claim that they did not recieve the product back, and they will also claim that the product is in terrible condition and cannot be resold and will not refund you your money even though you sent them back in perfect condition and completely resellable, so for everyone who is thinking about joining thier affiliate program beware, join at your own risk. Have a good day


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      Jun 15, 2018

    SFI actually stands for Super Fraud International.They trick you into joining as an affiliate by proclaiming that there is no risk and no obligation involved.No purchase is necessary.All the affiliate is required to do is to accumulate 1500 versa points by performing daily tasks, playing Eager Zebra Games and entering daily contests.On completion of the target of collecting 1500 versa points the affiliate will become an Executive Affiliate and be entitled to a share of an"Executive Pool".One Versa point would be equivalent to one share of the so called Executive Pool.

    I joined SFI on 15.4.2018 and was allotted an ID:[protected].By the end of May 2018 I collected 1846 versa points.On June 1, 2018 suddenly SFI announced that versa points will no longer be the criteria for a share in the earnings and replaced it by a new vague and ambiguous compensation plan which is impossible to comprehend by an ordinary mortal.I continued till the 10th of June as it is by the 10th of every month that SFI announces compensations to be paid to affiliates in the hope that the changed new plan would be effective June onward because no change in plan ever has a retrospective effect.But I was in for a shock when I received a notification informing me that my earnings for the month were $0.70.I was tricked and so must have been many others.I immediately opted out of SFI but was disturbed and agonized beyond words!
    A thorough investigation needs to be conducted regarding the dubious working of SFI and the organizers put behind bars for playing tricks on unsuspecting affiliates;duping them of money by selling so called 'TCredits' at exorbitant rates and conducting deceptive 'Penny Auctions'.Moreover they are inculcating the gambling habit in adolescents by encouraging them to play Card games to further their nefarious ends.An immediate and concrete action is needed to be taken against the management of SFI to save thousands of hapless affiliates.

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