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I'm concerned with the bullying that is televised on the current season of My Kitchen Rules.
In a time where we have campaigns and programs in place to help stamp out bullying in our schools, and workplaces there it is seen on television and appears to be encouraged as it helps ratings.
The show I thought was a cooking competition, not who can throw the worst and hurtful insults.
Please can we go back to the original format and make it about the food and not about bullying fellow contestants.
Thank you.

Apr 02, 2018
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      Apr 02, 2018

    Im of the same opinion as you Sue, so much in fact that until it is addressed by channel 7 I am boycotting any viewing of their stations. Its disgusting what the "contestants" are allowed to get away with for the sake of ratings. Mean while parents are up in arms about similar situations occurring at schools and on social media.

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  • St
      Apr 04, 2018

    David Dutton & Joe Herdman clearly come from a long history of how TV program promotions used to work.

    So far they have managed to disappoint their viewers with promos that promise great viewing but deliver programs that include no content from the promo.

    It's the perfect formula if you want to disappoint your entire sum of viewers, ask Jo Blow if they are excited by your promos or doubt 7's hype, guarantee you it's the later.

    Clearly these 2 producers have no idea of how to respect the integrity of the current day viewer, it's insulting.

    If you want to run over 50 promos a day, for 1 show, for the next 3 weeks and think we are all going to be excited to see your show, think again.

    MKR promo = finding the button change channels as fast as I can

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  • Sp
      Apr 16, 2018

    I agree 100% - the same TV channel has been advertising a anti-bullying campaign through Sunrise however they don't follow it through for their other programs - I counted numerous times during day time television on Sunday the MKR advertisement with the comment "Big Girl" this type of TV has got to stop - how can we ask our children to show respect to each other when popular "children's" timeframe TV show contestants don't - very disappointing Channel 7 for foodies like me this show is nothing about food!

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  • Ja
      Apr 16, 2018

    I'm embarresed to be watching the advertisement for my MKR doing their best Gerry Springer gutter television wouldn't be seen dead watching that display of white trash in action.

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