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I am usually a fan of House Rules, however I've been very upset at the condoned bullying both in this current season (from Leigh and Kristie), and in the previous season also. I think you guys think this is entertaining?? I'm telling you it's NOT. People do not enjoy watching this - it is upsetting and very unpleasant to watch. It's turning me off watching House Rules. Condoning bullying is not ok! Using it for 'entertainment' is not ok. My suggestion for next year's season is to allow someone to referee major disagreements, and penalise those who do not play fair. Isn't that what Australia is supposed to be about? Good sportsmanship? Also, the 'zone wars' adds nothing to this show - it's completely unnecessary. You are turning viewers off with such nasty competitors.

Honestly, I feel you as a channel are incredibly tacky and hypocritical - I can just imagine some sob story on Sunrise (or some such tacky program) about someone being bullied, and how it's not ok, yet you condone it as prime time viewing entertainment.

Jun 13, 2018
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  • Er
      Jun 17, 2018

    This was very similar to what I wanted to say. Children watch this show and it is a terrible example. Right down to calling couples hotheads and go getters. The "hotheads" seems like a fairly nice couple. It gives a bad connotation. We are watching nice couples getting terrible scores for staying nice and terribly behaved couples coming out on top. I know in real life this happens but it shouldn't be applauded.

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  • Je
      Jun 18, 2018

    The bullying tonight 18th June was terrible, the death stare that Leigh gave Michelle was absolutely disgusting, I felt fear, it was so intimidating, Michelle was amazing and stood her ground but his behaviour was deplorable.
    Channel 7 how can you let this type of behaviour continue? Channel 7 you seem to think this is what viewers want, I can assure you they do not, by allowing this type of behaviour to continue you are saying this is acceptable for a man to treat a woman. This totally threatening look from this man has been broadcast on the same night as the memorial march for the poor woman that was raped and murdered in Melbourne last week, I know this was filmed several months ago but its just not acceptable. Shame channel 7

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