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I cant believe there is a two page spread in the Sunday Times saying Channel 7 is showing the cricket 'live and free in HD' on a day when they clearly aren't. Its UNAUSTRALIAN. Liars, fake news, call it what you like. Its bad enough not putting the cricket on free to air, like it has been for nearly 50 years, but this false advertising just shows how stupid you think we are. Not Happy.

Nov 03, 2018
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  • Mo
      Nov 03, 2018

    Thanks Channel 7, no free to air cricket. Not sure why you paid so much for the broadcast rights...we certainly are not watching Channel 7 at the moment, and I refused to be forced to sign up to Foxtel to watch it either.
    TV is off and I am listening to the ABC Grandstand broadcast.
    Well done!!!

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  • Ch
      Nov 04, 2018

    Well thanks very much for selling out your viewing public, NO CRICKET ON AUSTRALIA DAY, you low dogs!!! I WILL NOT WATCH ANYTHING ON 7 AGAIN, FACT, your exactly the same as our politicians, selling Australia to the highest bidder, YOU DO NOT GIVE A [censored] ABOUT AUSTRALIA AND ITS CULTURE, i will not be held to ransom to pay for fox, and since fox has got the rights for 6 long years, CA will lose big time, THANKS CHANNEL 7 FOR [censored]ING THE AUSTRALIAN PUBLIC OVER

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  • Ja
      Nov 04, 2018
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    Channel Seven home of Cricket what a joke no ODIs on against South Africa. Sold to the highest bidder again not everyone can afford Foxtel. Really it is false advertising Seven Home of Cricket Nathan Lyon every ball every match live he forget to add if you have Foxtel. So over Channel Seven

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  • Pe
      Nov 05, 2018

    This is total bull... No ODI cricket, it's just not cricket. Seven is a bunch of Liars (Live and Free in HD what a joke)

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  • Da
      Nov 06, 2018

    Thanks for destroying our family’s, and many others, summer tradition.
    Part of Australian culture gone.
    Good job you idiots.
    And Cricket Australias spiral down continues.
    How can we support what we cant see, watch and enjoy ?

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  • Bo
      Nov 12, 2018

    typical of channel pathetic, they stuffed the afl coverage up big time, now they are doing the same to cricket. i said when the pigs at pathetic seven got their filthy fanny scratchers on coverage of cricket then that will be another sport they #&*$ed. and i was right, these fat pigs need a lesson on greed

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  • Mi
      Nov 19, 2018

    So very annoyed, not everyone can afford Foxtel which as a damn ripoff. The whole thing is unaustralian and i will not be watching ch 7 or getting foxtel. My cricket will be on the radio.

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  • De
      Nov 21, 2018

    Well the previous comments sum it up you jolly WANKERS you do not really give a [censored], as with everything else these days it is all about Money NOT Honesty

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  • 2s
      Dec 23, 2018

    Well done Channel 7, your coverage of cricket completely sucks, where's the ODI's we were promised, oh that's right, we have to have foxtel to see them. What about the WBBL, don't see much of that either do we, You are liars and are trying to force us all onto pay TV. As far as I'm concerned, long live SBS and ABC and give the cricket back to the network that had it before you. Look forward to the day Channel 7 goes broke and cricket truly becomes free to air again. By the way, Just a heads up, whoever your sound engineers are for the cricket that we do get to see, send them back to school, too much background noise, can't hear the commentators or the interviews for the screaming crowds and idiots with drums. Someone tell them that viewers would prefer to hear the commentators above the noise which they can't even get that right as it surges up and down. Not just my thoughts either as they are shared by many members of my community - Channel 7, you've blown it, hope it comes back and bites you on the backside!

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  • Ma
      Jan 17, 2019

    Absolutely disgusted and angry that Channel 7's cricket broadcast is so pathetic. Promising a great coverage of all matches, and then showing selected big bash matches and NO one day matches. Channel 10 showed ALL big bash matches - a great coverage. You have ripped the public off by feathering your own nest, along with Foxtel, and not giving a damn about the loyal viewers who have supported you for years. You should be ashamed of the lacklustre product you have foisted on the Australian public.

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  • Ge
      Jan 18, 2019

    No one day matches, And no scorchers match last night.We should all boycott channel 7 and the head honchos at the A.C.B might get off there fat arses and do something. I for one will stick with the radio broadcasts. Its back to the sixtys again . Stick it where it fits 7 and the A.C.B

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  • Ga
      Feb 03, 2019

    Channel 7 has ruined my summers. Last year I watched all the Aistraluan tests, all the ODI’s courtesy of Channel 9 and all the mens BBL courtesy of Channel 10. I refuse to watch a channel that puts MKR (entertainment for [censored]s) before BBL. Thank goodness for the ABC.

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