Seven West Media / Channel 7 / australian open telecast over 2 weeks.


Hi channel 7, after viewing the channel 7 broadcasts of the australian open over the last two weeks, I have never seen a more repetitive broadcast of commercials as I have ever as seen over the last two weeks on the seven network during the coarse of the australian open.

In particular the commercials were so repetitive that we had to change the channel for each time you had shown commercials. Sometimes the same commercial twice during the same break. This is highly annoying especially when you would expect a better choice of commercials range especially for the seven network in australia. (Channel 7 commercials are annoying full stop!!!) highly highly irritating. How many people are turning this over everytime this is happening.

Why do you think anyone would watch these commercials when they are so often repeated???

Commercials in question were blackmores (1) most irritating commercial ever (Over and over and over again) tal, this australian life (Over and over again) ! My kitchen rules - rubbish seriously!! (Repetitive to the point of despair) how many hoges commercials can you replay over and over again!!! (Who cares about hoges!!)

These commercials were highly annoying and are not getting any message/s across. Annoying commercials like this will deter watchers in the future.

No one cares about blackmores, tal, or my kitchen rules!!, and anz bank commericals. No one watches these commercials due to the repeats, so why bother playing them?? Money?? Corporate greed?? Bad marketing strategies??

Whoever is reading this please do something about this in future to avoid a mass exodus of customers to your shows in future. I'm certainly not watching any more of this garbage as i'm sure alot of other people are not either. I have taken the time to write as the amount of time given to these short list of sponsors is absolutely ridiculous.


Jan 29, 2017

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