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I paid over $2017 for this warrenty and have tried to use it numerous times but nothing that has gone wrong with my car has been covered. I have purchased other warrenties from dealers and have been totally pleased with what they covered. I just spent another $1500 today because nothing was covered. I will never buy a warrenty from tele-marketers (SPD) again. I don't see how every repair that I have needed, not one item was a covered item. I had the dealer look over it today and he said it is a big rip-off and to contact the BBB. I am going to do so.

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      2nd of Mar, 2009
    Service Protection Direct - Misrepresentation
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    I got a notice in the mail that time was expiring and I was told I only had today to decide about GMC extended warrenty. He was also very insistant that there have been a lot of problems with the particular vehicle we purchased and he was very suprised and disappointed that we were not provided with the opportunity at the time to purchase the extended warrenty...therefore he was doing us a favor by giving us a special rate. He even gave us names and phone numbers of better dealerships! When I called to cancel the policy after talking with my sales dealer and getting the truth, I was given a huge run around, delayed phone call waits, and zero call backs. I finally talked to someone who stated he would cancel our policy but could not provide us with a confirmation number! This company is bad news!

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      15th of Apr, 2009

    I bought this warrenty thinking it was legit, after talking to the Chevy dealership I found that they had never heard of "dealer warrenty program spd" and questioned that they would respect any claims. I called and tried to cancel. 50 minutes it took me to finally talk to someone, I was harrassed, the guy I talked to insulted me, my wife and my manhood. these guys are crooks.

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      17th of Jul, 2009
    Service Protection Direct - Gathering Info
    Service Protection Direct
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    I received a letter from this company telling me that I needed to extend my warranty because the original warranty had expired. Well my car was manufactured 10 years ago, so no kidding the original warranty had expired. They also implied in the letter (on the letterhead it says "Dealership Repair Region: WA") that they got my information from a dealership. However I know this to be false because I got my car from a private sale from a family member. They retreived my information from the Dept. of Motor Vehicles. I know the records are public but they should not be able to access my personal information (like the cars I drive, and where I live, not to mention any other info that the DMV has on file about me) in order to mail me junk mail about a warranty I do not have and do not want.

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      1st of Mar, 2011

    I too received this letter... But I am here to let you know they did not pull your information from dmv. My vehicle is registered to a business I work for which is also located in another state. But yet I recieved this letter in my state to my address. I do however maintain this car in this state and I believe that a local repair shop sold my information to this company. Question is... Who did? I'm doing all the research on my end because if this company sold my information I want a cut of the check they recieved.

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      17th of Mar, 2011

    Protection Direct takes privacy concerns very seriously. If you’d like to be removed from our mailing list, simply email your customer ID (should be on the letter you received) to [protected] and you will be removed immediately.

    Customer Service Team

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