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Phone: (877) 231-1557 did not perform services they promised. After 6 months of not receiving an increase to our website traffic, we turned a close eye on them. They then backdated most of their work and discount that they did anything wrong. We did not get the service we paid for. They offered a refund and now their position is they will fight until the end. We are in dispute of charges with our credit card company and if we cannot agree to a resolution, we will file suit. They have lied to us about the work they performed and claim that we knew they were not doing the work. We got ripped off, but now we are fighting back. Learn from our mistake.

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      Aug 18, 2010

    Dear Sir,

    Web traffic depends on your product, the economy and the overall isnterest in toys. I know of many other people who used SEOP and have had great success with their businesses and yours is the only compliant I have heard. I would not go bashing a company on line and provide very little evidence and in fact the problem may be your industry. What were your sales charts before you signed on with SEOP? What is your competition? Were you cutting prices into the sales season during the 6 months you refer to? Where are you making your products? All of these questions may lead to the reason why your business did not pick up even with SEOP. Even the best SEO experts cannot make magic without the company itself providing incentives, great prices vs competitors, discounts and great services. Were you ranking? You should look to the log in your own eye before you complain about the sawdust in your neighbors eye. Honestly, in this economy do you really think premium WOODEN TOYS are going to make a big sell for new parents who are either losing their jobs or lost their jobs. People are procreating less in this economy as well, thus providing less children to play with toys. Even if you provided these toys to the wholesalers e.g. doctor offices, less people have health insurance and less people are going to the doctor as well so why would doctor's offices buy more toys. Stop griping and move on to other pastures your industry is currently upside down. This economy is all about less so stop askign for more and work with less.

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      Aug 18, 2010


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      Dec 16, 2010

    And how exactly would you know what this company does or sells unless you are actually one of SEOP employees?

    Trying to clean up the truth are we?

    The reality is, and I did not believe it until I saw it with my own eyes, that SEOP's Employees and Programmers have NO IDEA of what a website is, or is supposed to be!

    Just think about this, as their primary occupation these company should be well rehersed on how to write Title, Description and Keyword meta tags Right?
    They can't even do that! I swear until it happened to me I would have never beleived that an SEO company does not how how to write MetaTags!

    In addition to that, causing all sorts of errors including web pages not displaying in certain browsers at all due to the errors, they also DEFACED our website!
    They added code that no-one asked them to add to our pages so that they could include some stupid text!

    AND LISTEN TO THIS! the text is HIDDEN until you click on it!
    For those that know what that means, you'll have a laugh and get a kick out of it!
    For those who don't, Google can see that the text is NOT visible, and therefore discards it from the search criteria!

    The reality is that SEOP has NO CLUE of what they are doing, or what business they are in for that matter. DO NOT HIRE THIS COMPANY TO DO YOUR WORK, Learn from our EXPENSIVE mistake!

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  • Ug
      Oct 25, 2011 - is of the worst seo sites I have ever dealt with
    United States is of the worst seo sites I have ever dealt with. They spammed our website full of unprofessional work and charged us $4000.00 I have heard since then the horror stories from others that have had the same results with seop!! they say they have a money back guarantee THAT IS Bogus!!! you will not get a dime back and they will cause so much damage to your site and you'll pay thousands - just like we are to get it fixed!!!

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