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This company will not respond to my requests to provide information on a payment that has already been invoiced. The statement regarding payments reads "Sentry Marketing pays via, with direst deposit being the main form of payment. Sentry Marketing also pays via check, with a $2 fee. Pay statements are generated on the 16th of each month. Payments are sent by the last day of the next month". Sentry has charged me the $2, even though I do direct deposit and do not receive a paper check. On March 16th a pay statement was generated and as of today there is no record of payment with my bank or with The shops I completed required that I pay almost $20 each to complete, and they weren't hesitant to ask me to take the assignments. I am upset that I have not been paid as agreed.

The FAQ directs you to the company website. However, when I login I am automatically redirects to the website instead.

  • Sentry Marketing Customer Care's Response, May 01, 2017

    To say that we don't respond to inquiries is misleading. The complainant emailed me directly less than two hours ago.

    We processed payments yesterday exactly in line with our payment policy. Payment will be visible in the portal tomorrow.

    The complainant could have emailed [protected] which would have created a ticket in our support ticketing system and our team would have responded in 1 - 3 business days.

  • Updated by kmeoke, May 01, 2017

    Sentry did get back to me in a timely fashion and did their best to be helpful. They answered my questions and gave me a date that I could expect payment.

May 1, 2017

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