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SelectQuote Insurance / Terrible service and communications!

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This company does bait & switch & is a waste of time to deal with. Check with friends who have term life insurance instead, when looking for yours.

Here's what happened to me:
1. They gave me a $27/month quote for $500K 20 year term life insurance policy - I'm a 38 year old woman in good health, non-smoker.
2. After I did all the paperwork & blood work, because of 2 auto accidents listed as my fault on my DMV records they said it would be $200/month for the $500K policy I wanted, but I could get $100K 10 year term life insurance policy for $35 / month, saying I could cancel at anytime, say after 2-5 years when the auto accidents came off my record to get another policy with an amount closer to the original rate I was quoted
3. Then they sent me a 57 year policy with no cancellation provisions, where the premiums just get ridiculous after 10-years $65, 000 / year at age 95 $22, 000 a year at age 48 on a $100K policy. Insane. And they expected me just to sign that? Excuse me? I said yes to a 10 year term policy for a lot less coverage and a much higher premium than I wanted & they want me to sign something for 57 years with no provisions for canceling, as they had said. I wanted something that matched what I agreed to. What I was sent was bull ###.

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  • Bo
      1st of Aug, 2009

    TERRIBLE! I completed the application and health tests 2 months ago, and they STILL have not completed underwriting. I can get no return calls from my "case specialist" and must leave voice mails because she NEVER seems to be available to answer when I call.

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  • Bo
      1st of Aug, 2009

    I agree 100%
    Their customer service is awful

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  • Sm
      6th of Aug, 2009

    I agree completely . . . my adventure started in Feb of '09, & I still don't have a policy. Yikes - why get involved??

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  • Ke
      13th of Nov, 2009

    Just aweful!! I have been getting the run around since July. It is now Nov. and not in effect. If it is this hard to start a policy, just imagine how hard it would be for your loved ones to collect!

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  • Gu
      24th of Nov, 2009

    None of you seem to understand the life insurance approval process. SelectQuote is an Agency who matches you with the best company. If it takes a long time to get approved or your not approved at the rate quoted, it's because of your health/DMV/medical records.

    If you are not honest with your agent, or if your doctor takes 3 months to send medical records to the insurance company--guess what?--it's going to take a while and it's not your agents fault...and if you have 2 at fault auto accidents, you are a higher risk. Stop making excuses for you bad health or driving record and deal with reality

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  • Ra
      9th of Dec, 2009

    Someone needs to explain Life Insurance Basic Principles and Underwriting 101 to Idontwanttofillthisin.

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  • Jn
      17th of Dec, 2009

    raiderpower, i dont think that many people have all the issues at hand that you claim is the reason for the poor processing.My guess is you are an agent and making excuses for piss poor service.

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  • Ey
      10th of Feb, 2010

    reading all this aweful stories I wont even call them Thanks guys

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  • Ju
      24th of Feb, 2010

    Yes, I agree the above guy in definitely an agent, ya think???? I won't waste my time. Thanks all for your reviews, select quote just lost me before they got me.

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  • So
      1st of Mar, 2010

    I should have checked this site before I started with Select Quote (SQ). I'm very healthy, no bad driving record, and my application filed in last December stacked now and the rep doesn't help me. Well, compared to you guys, this period is not so long but here's the story. The insurance company William P requested my doctor to send them my medical record. Doctor's office sent it early Jan. The process stopped then. SQ guy told me (when I asked him) that some information was missing and they are waiting for that from my Dr. I talked to the Dr's office and they didn't know what was missing. I told about it to this SQ guy 3 weeks ago and asked him to contact with William P to make clear request to my doctor. Well he said "doctor knows what is missing". (Hey I just spoke to the office!) And nobody took any action. I received last week a kind of refusal notice from William P due to this lack of information!! SQ guy is supposed to contact WP tomorrow and to give me the update. He even asked me if I want to go re-start with another insurance company. Is this their way to make money? Another quote, another commission?
    Sorry if my spelling is terrible. I'm in fact green card holder immigrant. Can this be a reason why insurance companies don't want to deal with me?

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  • H8
      5th of Mar, 2010
    Best Best Advice

    I got a policy in 5 weeks just like my agent told me. lots of questions but super happy with the product I received.
    I would agree that some of you folks need to educate yourself in Life Insurance, and what is involved in the process of getting it.

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  • Le
      21st of Mar, 2010

    Delays from the insurance co. yes, but it's been 90 days since my application, and today, I don't know if I'm insured or not -- very poor communication and service from SQ.

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  • Al
      29th of Mar, 2010

    My husband and I are both moderate risk in our late 30's. He has chronic pain management and I have weight issues. SelectQuote found us both $500k 20 year term policies quickly and relatively inexpensively. We each got a better rate from different life insurance companies, so I pay two bills a month instead of one. I found them super helpful, and love to deal with any company that communicates through email, instead of just making me wait on hold. I was referred by two co-workers who also both had positive experiences. Thumbs up.

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  • Ag
      22nd of Apr, 2010

    I am an agent in Florida and write business everyday. I am certainly glad to see so many of you trying to secure your famalies future. I did not understand how important it was until I became an agent. I run into these issues with term policies all the time when i get calls to come by a home to discuss someones policy they purchased off a television advertisement only to find out its not what they thought it was or after just a few years they can no longer afford the premiums. I will make this simple. Always deal with an agent you can sit down with face to face, and don't buy any policy from them untill you un derstand how it will affect you now and in the future. There are many options available so try and find an agent who is focused more on taking the time to find what works best for you and your family. Remember, if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is.

    kind regards

    Kevin B

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  • Wh
      29th of Apr, 2010

    Select quote has the worst customer service I have ever experienced in my life. The agent was insultive and rude on phone. Please don't let these people ruin your day because they ruined mine the day I called them.

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  • Fo
      30th of Apr, 2010

    Goo gaa goo gaa get your head out of your ### anything advertised on tv is a scam. When are you idiots going to learn

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  • Be
      13th of May, 2010

    Oh FOR REALREAL? sound like a realreal charmer. I suppose Bush's cousin planted the explosives in the World Trade Center too, huh...???
    Well, Select Quote's radio ad...that I hear ever 47 seconds or so...makes it sound so easy.
    After reading these complaints however, I'm going to shop around further.
    I certainly don't subscribe to the, if-it's-on-TV-it's-a-scam mentality but I will look around further.
    Thanks for you folks' time in leveling your worked.

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  • Ba
      18th of May, 2010

    Life insurance is a process. Information comes from many sources to the Insurance Carrier and must be reviewed as part of the decision making process. If there is an extended delay it is usually due to incomplete records, delays receiving state driving reports or additional medical information not noted on an application. I can understand the frustration for the person seeking insurance however it is often not the agents fault. They do the best they can to expedite the situation however in some cases it is out of the insurance carriers or agents control when outside agencies do not cooperate. The vast majority of policies at SelectQuote Insurance process extremely fast with great efficiency. You will not see those post on a complaint board because those clients are completely happy with their service. Occasionally there are bumps in the road and it is unfortunate that this happens but it is just reality when dealing with so much required information to gain an approval. That being said I would implore those reading these post to temper the criticism with this additional information about the process and yes I do work in Life Insurance which means I have an inside understanding of the process.

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  • Ih
      25th of May, 2010

    I have to tell you that some of you are absolutely ridiculous. "because of 2 auto accidents listed as my fault on my DMV records " - so rather than say, I am a terrible driver and endanger the lives of others because I do not know how to drive, it is someone else's fault. If it were my money, I wouldn't give you a policy at all.

    "Term policies all the time when i get calls to come by a home to discuss someones policy they purchased off a television advertisement only to find out its not what they thought it was or after just a few years they can no longer afford the premiums" - You really got to be kidding me? Term is the least expensive Life Insurance and gives the clients the best policy for their needs. You can't be serious that someone should purchase from you and whoever you are, you should have your license revoked for even thinking of selling a whole life.

    "TERRIBLE! I completed the application and health tests 2 months ago, and they STILL have not completed underwriting. I can get no return calls from my "case specialist" and must leave voice mails because she NEVER seems to be available to answer when I call." - That's because your lazy doctor who legally has 21 days to get the records, hasn't done so! Do you know how many times records are not sent and the Insurance companies spend days and even months contacting them everyday.

    I would say one last thing to these people. This is your family your trying to protect and these are Insurance Co's who are on the line for 100's of thousands and millions of dollars worth of Insurance. This isn't the fastest process and you really need to educate yourself.

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  • Ag
      25th of May, 2010

    term insuranse is great for protection now and through the duration of the policy. Its a great way to help protect your family so they can pay off a motgage or education. But what happens when that policy comes to term. I've seen people in their seventies have to give up their insurance because the rates jumped so high they could no longer afford the premium, some as high as$ 500 -700 dollars a month. Go ahead and get a quote for term on a 74 year old. Not to mention how many people in their seventies are still in good health. Look, buy term for high amounts of coverage, but always buy enough whole life to cover final expenses. At least then you dont have to worry about rate increases and you have the option to take a paid up policy should you decide too. Whole life is not just insurance, it is also an interest bering savings building cash value along the way. At the end of term all your left with is the satisfaction that you were covered during that term. Now you still need insurance and your gonna pay the rate for the age attained at the end of that term policy. Each type of policy serves a purpose and educating yourselves on the differences is the key. As for the reasons it is taking so long to get quotes, it usually is because they are having trouble getting back the information they requested. Instead of ignoring your calls, maybe they should inlist your help when it comes to dealing with your doctor. Better yet just seek out companies that have offices in your area, and get quotes from them. They are often much quicker since there is no middle man. Also, this is not a forum to critisize people, it is just sompl;ace for consumers to post their opinions. Its up to you to use good judgement when reading it. If you feel you can help, leave amessage, if not then keep your critisism to yourself.

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  • Je
      18th of Jan, 2019

    @Agent who cares I need life insurance to cover my morgage which is 89k. I need suggestions for good Ins. can I get someone to help me?

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