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Select Platinum Credit / Unauthorized Bank Drafts

1 1444 Jefferies Rd. Po Box 352Rockey Mountain 27804 Zip Co, NC, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 1-877-709-2811

I went online to find a payday loan and found a few websites stating they could find me a loan. I signed up and gave my information expecting to get a loan. what i got in return was a service fee for select platinum credit card for 49.99 putting my account in the negative. I called the company and they stated that i did sign up for it and it was in their terms and conditions. For anyone that had this happen to them as well, their are things you should know! For one it is a deceptive practice for a company to add any additional charges that are not clearly stated and hidden within the terms and conditions. As well as if a box is already checked authorizing this and you do not notice you will still get charged and will not be able to do anything about it because it makes it look as if you approved this transaction. These types of company's have a legal way to fraud the public consumer. For an example look up "IDS GRANTS" or "GRANTS FOR YOU NOW" Or "IN DEEP SERVICES" This is a company that has already been shut down by the federal trade commision for the same deceptive practices . Select platinum credit works under a different billing company so when you call they will not give you their actual company name. The elusive company representatives will also give you a fake name and when asked to speak to a manager they will tell you that they are not available or that they are the manager in wich they are actually not. If this happens to you contact your attorney general, The better business bureau, and the federal trade commission to help close down these company's that are thriving in todays falling economy. I Did Not Authorize This Transaction And Got Or Hacked Personal Information To Gain Access Of My Bank To Collect These Funds By Paper Draft. I Did Not Know Until I Saw My Bank Account Which Left Me Over Drawn. The Bank Refunded Overdraft Charges. But Cannot Refund The 49.99 Lost. And Over Drafted Which Created A Cascade Of Over Draws Until I Caught It And Notified Bank. Those Were Returned By Bank Except For The 49.99. The Peoples Name Is Steve And Bridget Decker Out Of North Carolina. Need Money Back And Have Them Pay Restitution To Those Who Got Ripped Off.

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  • Ke
      14th of Oct, 2010
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    This is freaking pitiful that this company is just able to take money out of people’s bank accounts without permission. I just happened to look at my bank statement and noticed that 49.99 were stolen from my account. When I called (of course I couldn't understand anything she said) that lady told me it was for a membership (which I didn't approve). Then she told me that it would be refunded within 5 business days. Then I told them that I wanted my refund sent to me in the mail but they said that that can only happen if my bank account is closed. I think that is a bunch of bull. These people are on a spree!

  • Mi
      28th of Oct, 2010
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    I applied for an advance online because I really needed the money and I signed up for a website I thought had good credentials. 3 days after my bank calls me telling me that I was overdrawn because of a $49.98 charge. I did not anticipate this charge, so I called them up to get my money back. They gave me some confirmation number and told me that the money THEY CHARGED will be returned by 3-5 business days but they can’t refund the overdraft fee. Okay, so guys when you get this kind of problem you can call your bank and ask for a one time courtesy credit and just tell them that the company that charged you refunded your money. Make sure that you have your confirmation numbers and transaction numbers so they can verify or something.

  • Ch
      29th of Oct, 2010
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    I was applying for a loan online a few days back. Saw 1 site and gave my information. Next Thing I knew, a check was written to Ana Capa Solutions, which will be the first time that I heard this company. Luckily, there was a number listed on the check to contact the company so I did and spoke to a representative to resolve this concern. They did everything that needs to be done and gave me the money that was also withdrawn from my account which amounted to $49.98.

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