Select Care Benefits Networkno service, no refund

I am currently taking a medication I have to pay out of pocket for. My unemployment has run out and I have been living off of an annuity acct. I contacted SCBN for assistance to purchase this medication that at the pharmacy discount is 120.00 . This company asked for proof of income. I emailed the info to them. A week later I called since they did not call me and found the emails had never been looked at. I resent the info via fax cause they said it was hard to read. I then faxed the verification. Another week goes buy and I have to contact them again. They claimed it was not received. I then told them it was too much work for me to do what I needed to do and make sure they were doing what they needed to do and pay them at the same time. I requested a refund . Not once did they send me an email stating I would not get my money back. The monthly cost was explained to me as being charged for the medication and for the application. Now, their tune has changed. I informed them I was at the end of my current prescription and needed a refill. This medication you cannot stop taking abruptly, per the manufacturer. They ignored my email. I was later sent an email from them stating I didn't qualify for the membership.
This company took my money and put my health at risk and put me in an added financial strain I did not need. Now, only now do they want to do what should have been done months ago. I had to go without my medicine until I could come up with money to pay for another prescription. I told them I did not want to do business with them because of their practices and because what they mentally and physically put me through. They were not out of anything and did not provide me with any services, they had no justification in taking/keeping my money. It's not justifiable when you handle clients and their medication in a manner that potentially puts them at a health risk of any kind.

Dec 29, 2014

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