Sedgwick / fmla

TN, United States

I have breast cancer. I am an RN and have worked for the same hospital for 18 years. I filled out all my Sedgwick paperwork and signed and gave them access to my medical record to verify that the information was consistent with the days off requested. They did not give me enough time to gather the information needed to put forth an honest and reliable request for my leave. In this order I had my diagnosis, my surgery, my recovery, my tumor send out, and then my oncology appt. The forms asked questions that could not be answered by anyone but the oncologist. Sedgwick said they could only give me an extension until 02.15. My oncology appt. was 02.24. Therefor my surgeon had to "guess" as to my treatment plan. Then they approved my 6 weeks of radiation therapy (of which I do not even plan on using any time off unless absolutely necessary) but they denied the actual date of my radiation MD appt. RIDICULOUS! I cannot believe the red tape required in such a stressful time in my life. I do not know how anyone can have the heart to even work for Sedgwick.

Feb 15, 2015

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