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Sedgwick CMS is one of the worse companies to work for. They will promote people not because of the skills they may have to do the job, but because of popularity. The supervisor was horribly abusive and had even poked me in the shoulder one day while yelling at me. I worked an average of 15-18 hrs per day and at the end of the week I was still told what I had not done. Abusive comments about the way the claim was handled was placed in the actual claim file, which is discoverable by a court of law as well as the client. I pushed to a nervous breakdown. When I filed a formal complaint against the supervisor, she made my life hell and nobody at the corporate office was doing much about getting the problem resolved. Finally I could not take anymore of the abuse and quit.

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  • Wo
      Dec 11, 2012

    I work at Sedgwick until I had enough I worked 10-14 hour days and most weekends because the claims representatives would quit or be removed from the account and we had to pick up their work load as they have a hard time getting people to work there. I could not keep up with case load demands and was eventually fired due to" time management" problems . Corporate policy is to ignore the problems and make people's life a living hell while supervisors go home after a 7.5 hour day because it is easy to blame the worker who has to do the actual work they unreasonably promise to the clients.

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  • Le
      Jun 03, 2013

    I actually told them I WISH I could work there! Where else can you wait on "hold" for 20+ minutes being repeatedly told by the "professional call screener" that there is NOBODY available to assist you! I said "I've written down the names of FIFTEEN different "managers" of my can SO many people work there while NOBODY is available"?
    I want to work where you just leave ONE message and your job is DONE! Wash your hands of the situation and NEXT WEEK somebody ELSE will be assigned to the case! No FOLLOW-UP, and you and your coworkers can LIE LIE LIE!! Just tell the MOST ridiculous excuse and apologize for yet ANOTHER mistake while leaving somebody's life in SHAMBLES!! Nobody is accountable for SQUAT at Sedgwick. Even the so-called HEAD HONCHOS don't return calls! So, why should those lower on the totem pole bother to return calls. The MOST inefficient and CORRUPT organization I have EVER dealt with!

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