Sedgwick Claims Management / std earned benefits denied do to dr faxes are with confirmation are not received on sedgwick's end

Tullahoma, TN, United States
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I keep having to fight for my disability pay. My case worker keeps telling me they are not receiving my Dr's faxes to update my medical records and report my return to work date. I have hired a attorney and my union rep has to look into it every month. I have no husband and no family to help me pay bills. I had to use all my 401k and apply for Food Stamps due to lack of professionalism on Sedgwick's end. It has also exasperated my diagnosed PTSD. I just had below knee amputation and my claim was denied twice with both appeals upheld for my condition that resulted in me losing my leg. I felt harassed and my Dr's do as well by Sedgwick. The response is always the same when I call Sedgwick customer service or speak with my case worker that it is my fault for not getting my Dr to fax my records. But they have in 4 separate occasions and the response is the same. They still haven't received them. I deserve my back pay and my pay up till my return to work date of Dec 4th 2017. I feel Sedgwick does not respect the American Act. Also, they contacted my counselor for my personal records that I have no authorization for them to see my info on my personal life. My counselor refused to give them my file under the HIPPA law. You don't get to read my personal struggles but I can tell you Sedgwick has been a negative experience in my recovery. I wish the company actually cared about their customer's.

Nov 10, 2017

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