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Sedgwick Claims Management / sears repair floor damage claim and horrible sedgwick case management

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Sears Repair damaged our floor - Sedgwick denied claim - 2 horrible customer service companies

I wish I had found this site before hiring Sears Repair. I scheduled Sears to come to my home to repair our stove. We have hardwood floors and wanted to protect them with cardboard, so the repair person's tools, belt buckles, shoes, etc. would not scratch our floor. He told us he didn't want us to put the cardboard put down, preferring to use his own slider. When he brought his slider in from the back of his truck, it was dirty and rough. He set his tools down directly on our floor. He was incompetent and unable to repair our stove. Yet, we had to pay him $90 + for his time. After he picked up his tools and slider, he left. That's when we noticed the floor had scratches and gouges where he was working. I immediately took pictures and contacted Sears Repair, who opened a case and referred me to Sedgwick, your horrible claims company. My contact was Jessica Hendrickson [protected]). She asked me to send her the photos and asked that I take more to reference the proximity to the stove. I did so. She asked me to get 2 estimates from licensed contractors and send the estimates to her. I did so. Yet the day I sent her the estimates I received a letter in the mail, denying my claim based on some other imaginary evidence she obtained. She sent the letter out before she received the estimates. She never had a claims adjuster come to our home to review the damage. And she ignored all my calls and messages to her asking for an explanation of evidence (which she has none - the images I sent her of the damage were clearly fresh scratches and gouges caused by Sears). Is this how your company works? Sears causes damage to a customers home and push it off to an unrelated company like yours so you can arbitrarily deny everything. I see numerous stories like this online. I have never been treated so poorly by a so-called "service company". This is completely unacceptable. I demand a response and compensation for the damage caused by Sears Repair. Sears case# 4900309. Perhaps I should take legal action.
Rebecca Weber

Jun 13, 2017

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