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Vancouver, WA, United States

My Frustration is in that my vehicle’s check engine light came on and it started running “rougher” after getting an oil change at my local Sears. When I arrived to Sears I gave the keys to the manager - Ray Delong, at that time the “Check Engine” light was not illuminated but after the oil change the Check Engine light was on. I thought maybe something will reset so I proceeded to drive home yet the engine light was still on. I decided to go back to Sears to have them look at it, and they pulled the code with their scanner tool and told me the light was on exactly 2 miles before I arrived for Oil Change. This is strange because I asked a few other mechanics and each one told me that it’s impossible to know exact time of when check engine light came on. I became very suspicious and decided to take it to another Mechanic. When that mechanic looked it over he told me that the broken part could not break by itself like that because its not jammed and there is no reason to be broken by it's self. If it was clogged or internally broken it would’ve broken in a different way. He also said there are scratches and marks on that piece that show physical damage to broken part and also said the aluminum is kind of bent. And he said that is so obvious that someone recently has been touched this part. So I then went back to Sears to dispute this again because no one else was working under the hood. When I arrived I again spoke with Ray Delong who again tried to tell me again that Check Engine light was on prior and that they’re not responsible. He said he knows his employees very well and if his shop broke it they would absolutely tell me and would accept responsibility. He also said they didn’t even touch the cover that part of the vehicle. That was false, I showed him the filter which is under the cover and said "since they did oil change the should get to the filter", so they must have removed the cover to get to the filter. He opened that cover and said that’s how they work (without completely taking off the cover). After that I can clearly see he’s lying. I then asked him to show me proof that the check engine light was on 2 miles before arriving to the shop. He told me that he doesn’t have access to that computer, only the mechanic has the tools and he’s gone/unavailable for the next 2 days. And then again i’m astonished how management doesn’t have access but mechanic does to such critical information. Since he couldn’t show me on the computer I asked him for paperwork copies because Ray said when he saw the check engine light he documented it on paper right away (which I should’ve received that paperwork when i got the oil change!). When he found my paperwork he quickly got a pen and clicked the pen as if to write something. Meanwhile i was looking at the paperwork to see if anything is mentioned about Check Engine light being on. At that time another employee entered and started asking something from Ray. Ray was standing there with my paperwork and a pen in hand as if to write something, so I immediately asked him to give it to me. I glanced at the paperwork and saw there was nothing mentioned about check engine light, to which he replied “I must’ve forgot to mark it, I thought I did.” I then took my copy of the paperwork and he said if I have any issues to take it up in a written letter to which he will forward to Sears Sedgwick Insurance Claims for them to look at the case, because he believes he’s not at fault. I told Ray this is my only vehicle and with time the problem will only worsen.

My Request - Please look at this case in a timely manner and inspect my vehicle to determine the responsible party. I need my vehicle fixed as its my only transportation. Please note the attached “vehicle intake/mpi form” and that "check engine" is not circled. Receipt is also attached. Thank You.

Irina Deryavko

Vehicle Details: 2007 Mercedes GL450 Vin:4JGBF71E17A273801 Ref# IN6323886 Local PO #323886 Check Engine Code P2006 Intake Manifold Runner Control Stuck Closed Bank 1

Jun 23, 2017

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