Sedgwick Claims Managementhousing claim submitted

The worst claim company ever. I would not recommended selecting them. Here's why: i've had a claim submitted with sedgwick for over a month now and i'm still chasing a ghost for an answer. My claim specialist was a man named steven fryer. This rep never answers his calls, never responds to emails, ignores your calls for even an update and sends you straight to his voice mail that he probably just erases. If this is just one service rep, the others are probably the same.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Memphis, TN So incompetent!

After a month of me having to comply with images of damages, me constantly emailing, having their reps exhibit several inspections of the horrible floor damages; admitting to them making the damages, he then denies my claim does not return a call or email but sends a letter of denial saying there was not enough proof. When you can clearly see the damages the clients made on my floor and it is still not fixed. Very unprofessional, if there were other actions I can take to let others know how bad their service is I will. Others who are thinking of going with them, refrain. They will have you going around and around in circles only to un-service you in return.

Jan 12, 2017

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