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Secure Horizons / Will let patient commit suicide than place in facility

1 San Pablo, CA, United States Review updated:

My aged father is about to be released from the hospital with a pubic catheter. He has cancer and is suicidal. Secure Horizons considers being suicidal a social issue, not a medical issue. He seems to have dementia for awhile and has a hard time getting around. He is not eating or drinking very much, barely enough to keep him alive - literally. They are not wanting to pay for any other care. I do not live in the same state as my father and have been trying to take care of things by phone. This is very frustrating to have the insurance not truly care for the good of the patients.

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      19th of Jan, 2009
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    Secure Horizons or any other health insurance company cannot maintain a patient in custodial care unless the patient has a long-term insurance plan. Health care (Medicare, Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement, health insurance for individuals or groups under 65) is not long-term care. What your father needs is long-term care either at home or in a nursing facility. Believe me, you have my sympathy. The same thing happened with my husband. I did not understand the difference. I didn't blog the insurance company (Aetna). Oh, no. I reported them to the state department of insurance and I copied Aetna. My lovely case worker Jean called me, calmed me and explained the difference. My love to you and your family. I felt the same. I realized later how much my insurance company did for us AND how terrible it would have been if we had not had the insurance we did have. Sometimes it helps to understand. I hope this helps. Most people think that health insurance covers everything that could possibly happen. I did. That's when I found out about Medicaid (really just for the very poor) and custodial care and writing a check for over $4000 each month for nursing home care. People don't buy long-term plans because they are never going to need that type of care. And later they do. The younger you get into a long-term plan, the cheaper the premiums. Insurance is to protect against the unexpected. Actually, health problems, hospital stays, and for a large percentage of Americans, nursing home stays are to be expected. Again, my love and sympathy to your family.

  • Tr
      5th of Sep, 2009
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    Never, never never sign away your medicare to this company. We have been trying for over 16 months to have them send a dis- enrollement letter to Medicare and they stated they did once and will not do it again, Medicare will not pay for any bills until they get he electronic dis- enrollement. Customer service is horrible and there is never a supervisor to speak with. Standard answer is we will take care of it and it will take 4-6 weeks. never get's done yet they are still being paid by every month. When the providers(Hospital, Md's etc) bill secure horizons, they deny claim, stating we were not covered...Very Frustrating. Buyer Beware

  • Ji
      13th of Mar, 2013
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    I am at wits end dealing with UHC and their reps. Last year, we were covered on UHC plan F with prescription. In December we changed to UHC POP with a corresponding reduction in premium.
    UHC continues to deduct last years premium from my checking account as well as the new premium for the new coverage. It is against the law to carry two policies for thew same coverage. It is also illegal to withdraw payments for coverage not given. As of right now, UHC is into me for about 1000 dollars and counting.
    UHC tells me they cannot refund my over payments unless I provide proof of insurance (welcome letter and/or Ins Card with effective date on it). The card DOES NOT HAVE an EFFECTIVE DATE.
    Until I send them copies of these documents, I will not be made whole.
    UHC has all the information they need but are stonewalling me on the refund. As of now I have spent over four hours with reps who have no clue how to solve the problem or are curt and refuse to address the problem. It appears next step is an attorney.

  • Da
      15th of Aug, 2016
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    If you think this is medicine:

    My mother went through a myriad of Secure Horizon doctors for back pain. She continue trying to find a solution-- going to this specialist and that specialist. At one point she had to drive 110 miles to see some back doctor, that put her on physical therapy. One day she was in so much pain she went to a local emergency room. The doctor took an ex-ray and found a tumor surrounding her kidney, and she was dead in 3 weeks.

    My father was going through the process of seeing doctors because of balance and extreme constipation. They would send him to the drugstore for laxative. My father was found on the floor of an assisted living facility. He was taken to a Non-Secure Horizon emergency room, admitted to a hospital, and diagnosed with Parkinson's within about 2 hours. He had all of the signs for Parkinson's, but nobody within the Secure Horizon Network could actually see it. He spent 17 days there because of a problem with extremely low blood pressure, due to the quacks giving him the wrong. wrong diagnoses within the Secure Horizon Network. He was discharge for more skilled nursing to a house of horrors rated with a 1 out of 5 by Medicare, where I found him unresponsive, and was septic from MRSA. The emergency room doctor said he might not make. it. The hospital wanted to admit him, but the Secure Horizon people needed to approve his admittance. He was passed out in the emergency room for about 10 hours, not able to speak, while Secure Horizons tried to figure a way to refuse admittance. Finally he was admitted and had antibiotics pumping through his body for 5 days. And Secure Horizon wanted to send him back to the house of horrors from which he came. We finally said enough is enough and retained an attorney.

    Do Not Buy this insurance for your parents. You'll be sorry if you ever really need to have insurance. Some of the commenters talk big, probably Secure Horizon plants, but this is a horrible plan. There is a time when people need to consider the needs of their parents. Get them a better plan and spend +$2, 000 a year. When you need it, you want have to talk with administrators whose whole purpose in life is to kill your parents.

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