Save On Resorts / scam

Da Sep 04, 2014
Contact information:
Phone: 92008

We were invited with the postcard for free airline tickets and hotel tonight hotel stay anywhere in United States.
I explained that my only interest is airfare they assured me airfare specially international was 50% or more discounted. It was extremely high pressure and we were assured once we got to review the material we would have 72 hours to back out.

There was approximately 9 other couples that will verify what I'm saying during this presentation. The presentation was a PowerPoint program showing cost of trips with this company versus using normal Expedia or Priceline and other services. Repeatedly we were assured that this company never had a complaint and there would be people to answer the phone and provide us with exceptional services in a prompt manner.
The only feature we were interested in (and we stated that not verbally but on there questionnaire) was AIRFARE!
The rep stated that we would save 40-60% on airfare - this was stated a number of times. He told us that they had an agreement with the airlines and the saving were guaranteed.
We were told that we would receive the material by mail within the next few days we waited till Monday we receive nothing. After 4-5 phone calls to them we finally got a log on that worked.
Once we finally got a account log on our first search was for airfare - where we were sent to - thinking this is a mistake I called the company and was told that they DO NOT offer any airfare discounts.
I explained to the rep what we were told and all I got was a too bad.
We have made repeated phone calls and have been nothing but yelled out - we even got a manager that promised to have a PPV rep call us back and that never happened . This is the biggest scam and most unprofessional bunch of people I have ever come across.

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