Sara Mills / psychotic freak

We all know everything posted in here about Krystal are complete lies. The real person behind all these posts are from a 33 year old woman named Sara Mangus. Or Sara Mills. It's really hard to keep up to what her real name is. Just google her.

Her ridiculous lies about strangers on the internet started in 2001 when she had several livejournal accounts. And several deadjournal accounts. Oh, remember when you dyed her hair blonde and fried your hair? Over 20 different domains with stolen content (Layouts/lies about her life etc). Each few years she latches on to a new victim. Make up stories about them on the internet. Bully them. Then when they stop giving her attention she just latches on to another poor victim. Make up lies. Fake screenshots. Fake websites. She is just crazy.

Sara, I know you'll read this. I am not Krystal. I am not TGO. I am not Nicole. I am not Jordan. I am not Christine. I am not that crazy housemate you had in 2006. Remember that? You have met me. A [censor] long time ago. I was part of those 'sister sites' in 04? Maybe? Anyway, you'll probably never remember me. But we remember you.

Anyway, the point I'm trying to make is that Sara Mangus/Sara Mills is a psychotic human piece of garbage and still up to her tricks again. Still obsessed with Krystal Draper. She can't get enough.

Nov 24, 2017

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