Santander Consumer USArefinance loan/warranty cancellation/expected refund.

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I purchased a vehicle from Carmax which was financed through Santander USA.
I have since refinanced that vehicle and cancelled the extended warranty that was purchased at the time of initial purchase.

Once the warranty was cancelled the refund I am entitled too that is a substantial amount has been forwarded to Santander to be returned to me by the warranty company.

At this time, Santander has been in receipt of this money since 9/11/2018 and every time I call wanting to know when I can expect receipt of these funds they tell me they have no idea what I am talking about. They have no record of this money ever being received in their office. I have called all parties involved multiple times and Carmax has been of assistance as much as possible. However, Santander places your call in a vicious cycle of call prompts and non-english cultured personnel who are at odds as to where to transfer you, how to help you or what to do if you are lucky enough to get through to someone. No one is able to put me through to the accounting department who is suppose to have been the recipient of this refund or able to tell me a phone number to this department. I feel like at this point that my money is being deliberately withheld and that it will not be refunded to me as promised.

Lesson learned. I will never purchase an extended warranty again and buyer beware if you are thinking of financing anything through Santander.

Sep 24, 2018
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  • Ci
      Sep 27, 2018

    My loan with GMAC was sold to Santander I too was ahead in payments. I had a life changing event and they required a death certificate to prove my husband passed. I had to send 3 then months later I stopped receiving my invoices so called in. Lady indicates they were reviewing my account and did not need to make a payment until further notice. Totally forgot about it for months then called in wanting to check out situation. At that point my call was transferred to a Mr. Sanchez who began berating me for not making a payment for over 6 months this. Explain call he indicated I was telling a falsehood and they record all calls. Where I told him great and gave him approx. Date I called. He demanded 3 months of payments be sent to him. I argued fact I was paid ahead several months he told me he would review tapes. Then call me back making disbelief comments on people like me I asked to speak to his supervisor which he indicated he was head of department and there was no one else. He then gave me a direct number to his desk. After a week with no calls I called back 3 x attempting g to talk with him leaving messages to no avail. I was never contacted and my loan as I recently found out was defaulted and gone against my credit for an amount larger than what I owed.

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