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I'm having a issue with Santander with my auto loan payments and getting my car back. On Sept 13 2017, Santander can an took my car early morning. I called the company the same day and s/w Lakeisha in the reinstatement dept explained that I was out of work and just returned back to work and was about to send in a payment and need to make arrangements to get my car back. Lakeisha advised that my account was 90 days delinquent and I would need to pay $2, 246.86 which includes 3 months payment of $1136.85 plus $1, 110 for fees, which she never disclosed what the fees were. She then advised that I can pay one month to hold the car for 7 days, which I did on Sept 14, 2017. As I looked over my account carefully b/c I am at the end of my loan and see I have a total amount to pay in te amount of $4, 464.61, which include $50.62 Accrued Interest & unpaid fees of $790.62 which again does explain the fees & they are trying to get me to pay half the loan instead of what I actually owe. I also found with my bank that my July & August payments that I sent to Santander was not cashed by the company but by someone else and this checks are being investigated for fraud. Also not only are they're not working with me, but I'm being charged a storage fee each day which I believe I was told it would be $150.00 a day. I would like this issue looked into immediately and would like to get my vehicle back.

  • Updated by Glenna Ball, Sep 18, 2017

    I've also made a complaint to the NJ Department OF Banking and Insurance, the Federal Trade Commissions & spoke with an attorney in regards to a Class Action Suit against Santander.

Sep 18, 2017

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