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Santander Consumer USA / awful customer service

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I am so sick of talking to customer service representatives that I cannot understand, and they cannot understand me. I was just on the phone with Santander's customer service and apparently it was time for them to close. My phone call was cut off! How tacky is that? When I called back an automated message said that the call center was closed for the day. Gee, thanks. The whole reason I called was because their online account access has NEVER worked, and I needed assistance to make some account changes. I am very displeased that Santander is in charge of my loan now, I never had problems like this with HSBC.

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  • He
      23rd of Sep, 2010
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  • Pr
      29th of Sep, 2010
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    I Cant stand this company.. I should have never purchased my car through this company. I called an asked the customer service lady about how they determine how much money goes to principal and how much goes to interest.. Well the lady sat on the phone arguing with me telling me "well first you need to tell me why you were two days late making your payment" I was like what are you talking about, so what I was two days late making my car payment you have the payment that is all that matters.. So she refused to give me the information and I asked for a supervisor and she hung up on me. I called back and the same crap happen, I never can get an answer for anything I ask for with this company.. I advise everyone and anyone who is getting a loan not to use this company they are crooks and don't care about the people they lend to. I should have and will in the future do extensive research before I ever get another loan for a car or anything else for that matter.

  • No
      8th of Dec, 2010
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    Since my car loan was sold to Santander from Citifinancial paying my notes have been a
    nightmare. The customer service is the worst that I have ever had, I have setup auto draft
    a few times and for whatever reason they still can't get it right. I am refinancing ASAP!!!

  • He
      9th of Dec, 2010
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    My health has bottomed out the last 6 months. Additionally, I have went through the most horrifying identity theft. (and I am a Certified Public Accountant). I too was told that my account would have to reath at least 30 days delinquent before I could get any type of deferrments on my loan payments. I have always paid on time up until this point. I prepare the taxes for 2 of the employees with Santander. They said I would never get a deferrment, they also have a large turn over in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Even with me having all my recent nightmares including getting colon cancer, I myself have been treated rudely, no compassion, they call my home and cell number at lease 8 times a day. I was tricked into making a partial payment last month in order for one of their employees to set up my deferrment but, because she ran the money first within 2 seconds I no longer qualified. They also have put late fees on my account even though I have always paid on time (except for getting sick and I.D. theft). Santander is for people that do not have top grade A credit and they take advantage of us to the and, as if we can afford to hire an attorney and fight them. This is bad business and I would never treat or do anything that they are doing to my clients. I would rather buy a $500.00 car!!! Is there really a class action law suit and/or how can I contact them?

    Lisa at e-mail or cell 682-552-4415

  • Ed
      14th of Jun, 2012
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    Summer of 2005 I purchased a Travel Trailer that was finance via Thor Credit Cooperation.Since the purchase the contract has been purchased by 4 seperate Finace Co.Currently Santander has the contract.I sent double pyments for more than one yr.Then in Nov.2011 I was informed by one of their numerous collection staff that since the Travel Trailer was listed on my bankruptcy filed in 2007I cannot ever be contacted by them for pym.This angered me that I never receive any payment coupons;book nor receipt of pym.Thus I stopped sending any money after I was given this information in Nov.I only wanted either pym. coupon each month or a [pyment book so when I sent pym. to this crooked co I could feel as though my pym. was not going down a rat hole in Tex. I sent them three letters none of which were ever answered.What occurred is suddenly in May the co staff began calling my cell phone 1-15 times a day using all sorts of phone #'s to mislead me into answering.When I demanded they stop calling my cell phone and send the documents I requested they contacted a repo.Man to come for my trailer which is my primary residence.I then money geramed them $1120.04 which they used $522.00 for interest charges.Since all this transpired I have received all the paperwork I requested for an entire month.Don't finance anything with any co that informs you when questioned they are known for selling contracts to this company

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