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Dallardsville, TX, United States
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Santander consumer usa, bought out citifinacial auto, who originally held my car loan! It has been a nightmare ever since! They have charged me numerous late fees and when I asked for proof in writing, I never received it! They had rude, people who could barely speak english call me up to 6 times a day for payments, so I filed a cease and desist order to stop the calls! They applied almost all of my payments to interest and after 7 years, my 2007 chevy cobalt still isn't paid for! To make a payment by phone they charge $10.87! And they mail their statements out 10 days before the payment is due! Other creditors give you a month before your payment is due! I will say that santander did have a few people who did work with me, but on july 21st, 2016, they had my car repossessed right out of my handicapped parking spot at approximately 10:00 pm! I have a life threatening illness, kidney disease and other health issues which they are aware of! I called them the next day to see what I could do to get the car back! Hopefully, I am getting my car back after paying $20, 310.78 to santander already! I have never had anything repossessed! It is so embarrassing! But, I need my car to get to the three doctors that I have to see, and I can't take public transportation because I have severe osteoporosis and can't walk, sometimes the pain is debilitating, and also kyphoplasty holding my spine together (form of cement). Sorry to all the other victims!

Jul 26, 2016

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