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Santa Rosa Music Center / Santa Rosa Music Center - Piano Move

1 860 Piner Rd #28Santa Rosa, CA, United States Review updated:
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Phone: (707) 566-0477

I just had Santa Rosa Music Center move a grand piano from just north of Santa Rosa to Mountain View. I am very displeased with the center's extremely unprofessional customer service. The owner Wayne S. is surly, uncivil and combative. He complained that his deliverymen had to wait 30-45 minutes at the destination in Mountain View. The movers arrived 30 minutes earlier than he told us they would. (He told us the movers would be there between 1:30 and 2:30, and instead they arrived at 1:00). I was told this after I let him know that there was a problem with one of the pedals that wasn't there before the move. One of the deliverymen looked underneath the piano to make sure a wooden dowel that often gets dislocated when this brand of piano is moved was in place. It was. He informed us that there was some other internal problem that he couldn't identify. I called Wayne simply to let him know that the dowel was in place but the pedal still wasn't working properly. I wanted to make sure Wayne was informed of this before the piano was tuned just in case the tuner found a problem that wasn't minor and easily fixed. I didn't want to have any mistake made about when the problem existed so there would be no confusion about why I might be requesting that the pedal problem be covered by Santa Rosa Music Center. Wayne was immediately defensive and rude insisting that he didn't do anything to my piano, that it was something small any tuner could fix, and that maybe someone had put a pencil on top of the piano that fell inside the piano which would have messed up the pedal. He also said that he was "done with me" when he became frustrated when I told him I was simply putting forth a hypothetical situation where something other than what he suspects might be going on. He said he knew nothing happened to the piano because he spoke to the movers. But he wasn't part of the delivery process and things go wrong all the time in a move. I explained this to him and just wanted to be clear that if the piano was damaged upon transit that his company would be responsible for the repair, particularly because the arrangements for the move were made verbally over the phone. I had to tell him a number of times that it's customary for moving companies to cover any damages made to property during a move, and that I was in no way making an ad hominem attack;I was not questioning his professionalism or the movers competence. He told me he didn't like my tone though my tone throughout the conversation was polite and calm. After this exchange, he asked why his movers had to wait at Mountain View, and told me how much his movers are paid an hour. When I asked him if he wanted me to cover the cost for the wait time, he said he didn't. I commented that I wasn't sure why he was telling me about the wait unless he was expecting me to pay extra (as it seemed that he was doing a "tit for "tat", as if to say that my piano may have been damaged, but I inconvenienced the movers somehow so we're even or that I should feel badly about informing him about the malfunctioning pedal.). At that point, he again angrily said, "You know what? I am done with you." and hung up the phone. While I don't yet know the exact cause of the pedal problem, - and I do hope it is something as minor as having to remove a small object that may have inadvertently fallen into the piano - the treatment I received from Wayne was reprehensible and inexcusable. I will never use Santa Rosa Music Center's services again and I advise others to steer clear of this unprofessional business.


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  • Sa
      1st of Apr, 2009
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    when the piano was moved it was done with complete care and their was not a scratch . the price was great for a 7 ft concert grand
    the only problem was the sustain pedal was not working, some times with a baldwin the spring or wooden dowel falls out of its slot
    to put the parts back in place you need a piano technician to correct the problem not pianos movers . never let a piano mover take the action out of a piano for any reason. when the piano is tuned the tuner can make the adjustment its no big deal.
    we offered to pay for the adjustment at the time the tuners is there to tune.
    sally lim just kept grinding and grinding till I could not listen to her I hung up on her boy did that feel good

  • Rz
      10th of Apr, 2009
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    Case in point.

    As stated in my original complaint, the coordinator of my move clearly does not know how to interact with customers appropriately and is utterly unprofessional. The statement that I "just kept grinding and grinding till [he] could not listen to [me] [he] hung up on [me] boy did that feel good" is testament to that. He demonstrates far better than I could ever explain how reactive and unreasonable he is. To relish losing one's temper and being outright rude to a customer shows a startling lack of professional competence. Moving the piano was a simple business transaction, not a personal one in the least. Santa Rosa Music Center (SRMC), however, tried to turn it into something personal.

    There are a number of factual errors in the comment to my complaint. SRMC's fabrications and blatant disregard of what transpired are truly beyond the pale.

    1) The price to move the piano was never disputed; No bickering of negotiating took place. The fact that the quote was "reasonable" has no bearing on the move or my complaint. No matter what the cost - high, low, or on par with other moving company prices - a customer should not settle for subpar service or have a "great price" disallow her/him to ask questions, have appropriate requests addressed, etc. The customer doesn't owe the moving company anything beyond payment. And the moving company isn't doing a consumer a favor or cutting him/her a break when offering its price estimate. The price set should simply be fair and one that both parties accept and agree upon, and the services rendered should be in accordance with their contract. Period.

    2) I never questioned whether or not the movers transported the piano with complete care. Movers can do their job with superb care and things can still go wrong, whether minor or major. Note that in my complaint I stated that I wasn't "questioning ... the competence of his movers." Additionally, the owner was not present during any part of the move to inspect the condition of the piano. While he claims he spoke to his movers who told him that the delivery went well, as he may well have, it simply isn't feasible for him to know if there were any scratches on the piano or not. This is an unfounded assumption on his part.

    3a) SRMC states that the "only problem was the sustain pedal was not working, some times with a baldwin the spring or wooden dowel falls out of its put the parts back in place you need a piano technician to correct the problem not pianos movers . never let a piano mover take the action out of a piano for any reason. when the piano is tuned the tuner can make the adjustment its no big deal." In my complaint I clearly stated that when it became obvious that the sustain pedal was no longer working, one of the deliverymen had checked to see if the dowel/spring had fallen out of its slot - a very simple visual check that a delivery person experienced in piano moves can do. THE DOWEL/SPRING WAS IN PLACE. A DISLODGED DOWEL/SPRING WAS NOT THE SOURCE OF THE PROBLEM. The mover himself said that there must be some internal problem he couldn't diagnose.

    3b) Additionally, I never expected any of the movers to fix the problem. Obviously, a problem with a piano always needs to be addressed by a piano tech. I did not insist that any repair work be performed by SRMC's movers. To imply that I did is a mischaracterization of what transpired.

    4) The statement that SRMC "offered to pay for the adjustment at the time the tuners is there to tune" is a lie.

    No matter what further comment SRMC might make about my complaint will be disregarded. Stating distortions and lies repeatedly does not make them true. I know what really happened. And I stand by my opinion that anyone looking to move a piano should consider any other moving company than SRMC. Despite red flags and what my intuition was telling me, I went ahead and booked SRMC for convenience's sake - I was under a time crunch. My experience underscores the fact that no one should sacrifice quality for convenience.

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