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I have been receiving the San Diego Union Tribune newspaper for 53 + years until today no paper, I called and spoke to the un-customer service regarding the missed paper and they said there was no account at that address and they could start a new service I paid in advance as always for 1 year at a timeSee Top 10 Worst Companies in Coronado, CA.
It is such a sad time we live in where you are unable to speak to someone in your own county and be able to speak to some one that actually cares.

May 06, 2017
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  • Ch
      Dec 04, 2018

    Been receiving s.d. union over 40 tears and got a new delivery guy from hell 2 to 3 years ago, he never delivers before 7:00 am and most of days between 8 and 9 am sometimes after 9 and about a day a month it is nod delivered at all.
    He is suppose to deliver paper over my gate he quit that,
    I met him at gate one morning about tow tears ago and explained to him if i dont get my paper by 7:15am before i leave for work i have call it in to union tribune, he said do what you haft to and took of spinning his tires, he also looks like a gang banger person so i don, t say enything yo him enymore

    I finally approx. 1 year ago i got a call from the rout supervisor after about 15 request he did not seem to care and reporting to union customer service is is useless you complain to someone in another country whom can hardly speak ENGLISH, guess i will cancel

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  • Do
      Dec 28, 2018

    I too am having problems with communicating with customer service. I don't mind talking to someone overseas, but Being an elderly person I can't understand anyone I am talking to. Just called today to inquire about my changes in my account and was told to call back tomorrow, because of technical problems. I can remember when all calls went to an office in Mission Valley and a nice lady would respond very efficiently and my needs were met. Don't know how long I will continue appreciate reading a well and great paper. The stories and production and content of the Union have always been informative and of a high caliber. My delivery person doesn't even have to get out of his car to deliver, jus a short toss up and over my porch railing and plop. The news is there for the day. He instead sits out in the center of the street and slams the paper into my screen door or ends up slamming it to the bottom of my steps.

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