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Sage Telecom / Bad service

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Not only have I had problems with the line, it takes three days for someone to show up to repair and the same problem occurs within 24 hrs! They are aware I have an elderly ill parent that requires hospital to access thru phone daily and put no recording or notice on line so doctor calling in just gets no answer and customer service has no authority to do anything but report to another department and there is never a supervisor available(imagine that!) Have never been able to just call and register problem without being on hold 15+ minutes. When website access is attempted they have the nerve to require a social sec.# which they don't have anyway regardless of info and code required from your bill. Have never received a credit for time lost or explanation, yet have the audacity to print on my bill which is paid on time every month that if i refer customers, they'll give me a 50 dollar credit! There is noone i dislike enough to wish this company on and it wouldn't be worth $1000.00! When I can't reach 911 because of their crap, they'll talk to my lawyer. They've been told numerous times this is a medical necessity. USELESS!

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  • Va
      19th of Sep, 2007

    Sage telecom

    I made the mistake of switching to sage a year or so ago after getting slammed by a t & t. every time it rains my phone and computer go out. sage has absolutely no stroke with a t & t! a t & t owns the lines and when I call sage as I did this last tuesday (and the last wednesday, thursday and friday) sage told me that a t & t would be here friday before 7 p. m.. the repair guy was working on the lines not 100 yards from my place, and when I asked if he could look at my phone the first words out of his mouth were "you're with another phone company, I can't come until friday." today (friday) the a t & t guy called and said it sounded as if the phone was working fine (it was as it hasn't rained in a few days) and that they were replacing some cables and it may take a month or more. he also said he couldn't control the weather. we've had phone service at this place for nearly 50 years, most all of it with sbc, and have never, ever had this much trouble. don't switch to sage!

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  • Pe
      14th of Jul, 2008

    Sage does not use a billing envelope that has the mailed to you date on it and then they can hold up the billing to you and attempt to charge you a late payment date charge.
    You have no envelope to prove they mailed it late to you and they can then attempt to get more money out of you.

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  • Re
      8th of Apr, 2010

    i recently switched from at&t to sage, i recieved a suspension notice and got my service disconnected i was told to pay t he amount that it was disconnected for and a 45 dollar reconnection fee with a money gram same day payment i did this april 1 and had been very patient i decided to call and see why my phone service still was not restored and was told i was to be charged another connection fee and a 40 dollar month advanced fee ! My chief complaint is they take your money and tell you that you are paying on some other bills that you haven't recieved yet also why would i have to pay on a bill that is zero balance on the menu when you check your phone balance!

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  • Sa
      16th of Apr, 2010

    I signed up to receive sage telecom. they were supposed to come on a wednesday, but did not show up until thursday, and then did not hook the phone up. they could not find the box and said that I would have to take a day off work for them to show up sometime between 8:00 am and 8:00pm. seriously??? no other phone company has ever even required that someone be there for a home that has existing jacks. and I am not going to take a day off work when they do not even come on the day they agree to come.

    Then the real kicker. I was advised that my 46$ would be refunded to my card. tell me how my 19.00 service and 10 dollar connection fee came to 46$. I sat on hold forever after navigating their automated lines. I am thanking god that I didn't do business with sage.

    What a headache... even before the service connected. save yourself the frustration and skip the lousey customer service

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  • Pr
      23rd of Jul, 2010

    I signed up for sage service and took two weeks for a conformation which was fri the 16th. when the tech came he did not see a car in the driveway and without even knocking on the door put a note on the stair rail "which house" my boyfriend was here all day!! I called the company and had to go thru 30 minutes of waiting until I got a representative to answer. then he told me the tech could not know which house and wanted a discription of the house. I informed him of what happen on the 16th and gave him a complete discription. he said there is no number on the house since I am just renting I informed him it is on one of the decks! jokingly I asked if the tech needed several signs pointing to the house — he stated that would be good. I went out an bought house numbers and poster board to put up — that is if ever someone will call me for another installation date — since I already have an account number and phone number but no working phone!!! I an getting this so I can check on my mom who is 84 years old. would really like installation.

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  • Ch
      23rd of Jul, 2010

    I signed up with Sage in 2006. We were late paying our bill by 1 week and they turned off the service with OUT any notice. I would never use the service again nor recommend it. The is the only utility I have ever had that was turned off in my 40 years of home ownership.

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  • Fe
      6th of Aug, 2010

    If you don't mind being on hold for 20 minutes when you have a problem or question; and if you don't mind being put on hold another 7 minutes to speak to a "supervisor"; and if you don't mind 4 days waiting time for repairs to outside lines, then by all means Sage Telecom is the company for you. And, by the way, their metro service is more expensive than AT&T's metro service. This company started out really good years ago, but their customer service has disintegrated and made this company a really BAD CHOICE.

    My advice, stay away from Sage Telecom--

    P.S. If you have older parents who NEED constant land-line connection because of med-alert or whatever, Sage, has NO priority services for repairs. And, their customer service people lack compassion even in their tones of voices. Really pathetic service! I'm switching my dad away from Sage.

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  • Kh
      17th of Oct, 2010

    I have been a Sage Telecom customer for 10 years with no real problems. My bills are paid in full and on time every month. I had two lines with unlimited long distance with Sage for 8 of those 10 years. I needed high speed INET for my work, so started disconnecting services. First to go was long distance, which they took off my monthly bill. Next to go was the home phone, since I switched to a carrier who could give me DSL. Last to go was the second phone line, when DSL was activated. Sage tells me that I have to pay the full monthly bill, even though my service was disconnected. The bill they gave me is the bill for the full amount when all services were in use, not even the bill amount after the long distance was disconnected. They say in Texas "the bill is protected, " but cannot explain what that means or who made this rule. Seems like I am stuck with two extra monthly bills, even though my service was disconnected and is in service with another carrier. Did anyone else encounter this insanity when they tried to disconnect service with Sage? I am just starting this fight with Sage and would appreciate any comments. I guess I will start with a complaint to the PUC and go from there. In Texas I do not think the Atty General's office takes consumer complaints anymore, but will look for other places to make complaints to. I have never encountered such a situation before. Surely there is some governmental body that can bring Sage into line with the rest of the world. Talk about a greedy company!

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  • Ka
      2nd of Nov, 2010

    You know iam so glad to have read the reviews I was looking for home services an they sended a postcard today but I have learned my lesson I read the reviews on everything now thanks for all your infor an I will follow your sound advice

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  • Jo
      21st of Jul, 2011
    Sage Telecom - Delayed porting
    Sage Telecom
    United States

    I must let consumers know that during this age of technology, Sage telecom charged us an additional month of service because they could not port a phone number for 30 days!!! What a scam...

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  • Ce
      7th of Sep, 2011

    I was a Sage customer for many years and switched to ATT for 2 months and had enough of them. I went back to Sage and they cancelled ATT 8/31/11. I had a call from Sage welcoming me back. When I tried to use long distance I couldn't and was told I needed an access code. I called Sage and was told I was switched to a different carrier????? They didn't know I called ATT back and confirmed Sage switch me back to them on 8/31. I then called the O on my phone and was told "Sage operator, if this is an emergency call 911" Now I am without any long distance service. Can any one help me. I am 77 yrs old and need long distance.

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  • Gl
      29th of Nov, 2012


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  • Sh
      7th of Dec, 2012
    Sage Telecom - Billing/ Custermer service
    Sage Telecom
    United States

    I switched service. That's for starts, I was charged a late fee on what I thought was my last bill. I have always paid on time, so I called and asked how I could be charged a late fee on my account that is billed in advance? I did not get a reasonable answer. I was also informed that they did not prorate the bill.I lost all the money i had paid, almost a whole month, due to advance billing. needless to say, was not a happy camper!

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  • Ma
      6th of Mar, 2013

    I decided to get home phone service as well, but just like some of the comments posted here I was told to wait from 8am - 8pm for someone to come. I had my son sit for a few hours while I attended to other errands. Not only did no one show up, I didn't receive a call stating your service order was completed. On the following morning, I kept getting a message of no line, so I called customer service who immediately informed me that my service was connected at 8PM the previous day, but there does appear to be a problem outside of the house. He went on to ask me if I knew where the phone box was as if I would complete repairs myself, and was told that if a technician came out I could be charged $75.00( are you kidding me). I asked to speak with a supervisor, no one was available. Ultimately I decided that if the service would start off like this, it was a good indication of what was to come. I requested that my initial payment be credited back to my credit card, and my account be closed. Their customer service sucks. Don't waste your time. It's not worth it.

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  • Cr
      22nd of Mar, 2013

    Yes, seems I should have looked up this info. first . I was supposed to get set up on the 20th I called them, yesterday the 21st and they told me that some crap about, hmm, I wonder why they didn't call to reschedule and then I was put on hold and told after a few minutes that they would once I'm set up, deduct the days of no service from my bill. I was then put on hold for another person to set up another time for the tech to come out well she stated that they have a large volume and sometimes it will be the next day, well the next day was when I called and she said that they would be out there from 8am-8pm well they still have not come out there yet. So I will be cancelling the service. Rediculous, I did not want AT&T because already had problems with them & Comcast sucks! This was my only option, supposed to be quick & easy, Not!

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  • Po
      3rd of Jul, 2014

    Service is poor. They will say they will call you back in 3 hours. Doesn't happen. If they do call you back (next day) they will not leave a message and will not try again. On hold for a painfully long time (not enough personnel which is good for profits bad for customer). Could not address my need.

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  • Cg
      5th of Nov, 2014

    We had terrible problems with Sage. If you have a service line problem it will never get fixed. We canceled our service due to a problem in the main line that interrupted our service. We contacted them several times and the problem was fixed for a couple of hours and then was there again. We finally canceled the service altogether because it was not usable. They kept billing us every month even though the service was cancelled.
    Forget trying to get anybody on the phone with this company. They avoid you like the plague if you have a service or billing problem.
    Avoid this company if at all possible!

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  • Cr
      22nd of Nov, 2014

    (phone only) my bill was due yesterday 11/21/2014. I got up today 11/22/2014 to call in to make payment and they already had my service shut off. so I got online, set up an online account, and made payment. I had to go to friend's house to use their phone to call them and can not get thru. I was on hold for over almost two hours. so I fill out the contact us form and it states 1-2 business for someone to get back to me. so I am going to be without my phone for days. avoid them they don't answer!!! I had to call as a new customer to talk to a real person, which was useless.
    I read all thru their tos/agreement and nowhere does it state service would be turned off by the eob of the due date. it doers state they have to send out a letter before disconnecting the service.
    Avoid them unless you like to get it up the "whazu".

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  • Cr
      23rd of Nov, 2014

    Ok. just found by my friends that he has been calling me for days. so I called my house phone from his, it rang, got vm, retrieved voicemail and apparently it has not been working for days. I tried cs again. still not answer. I am being forced to fill out they customer form with an automatic reply message stating someone will call me in 1 -2 days. how can they call me??? my phone does not work!!!
    All I want to talk to a real live person.

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  • At
      25th of Jan, 2015

    I have been trying to set up our voicemail. When I dial our phone number - with or without area code- I get a very nice woman in Canada. Call forwarding is not on.

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