Safetouch Security / Hidden Charges

Saint Marys, GA, United States

I entered into a 36 month contract with SafeTouch Security for my home I recently purchased. I was told I would not receive a bill for two months. Less than a month later I received a phone call from a third party by the name of TimePayment that the amount in the paperwork was off by 10 cents and I need to include the 10 cents in my bill otherwise it might as well be 1, 000 dollars and would be considered delinquent. I then received a bill shortly thereafter. And then Included the 10 cents. Then I get another phone call so they can make sure that I include the 10 cents in my payment. The payment had already been sent long before it's due date. I then receive a letter from them stating that if I do not show proof of insurance and them named in the policy for coverage of the equipment, I would pay an additional 4.95 per month for 36 months. I contacted my insurance company and they stated that they had never heard of that before. I then returned a call back to TimePayment to question this and let them know once again that the 10 cents was added to the payment, the rep offered to call my insurance company. He then called me back and said that it could not be done without switching insurance companies, although he used to work in insurance and had never heard of it either. WHAT A SCAM... The 4.95 per month is a waiver fee. You mean rental fee TimePayment. Comeon now...Is this what SafeTouch means by "smash and grab technology?" Very dissapointed that I contracted with this company. And since the sign is in my yard I guess it would be ok to put a sign that says "sucks" underneath it. After all word of mouth is the best advertisement.


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