Safecartsafecart product activation: advanced privacy and malware protect

I accepted a charge for Cumputer Tune of £13.18 ON 3 December and your system then billed me for a product I DID Not request. The item is: Privacy and Malware Protect and you billed me £18.20. You charged my mastercard with £35.26.
I have not downloaded any of the software and request that you cancel the order and refund me the full ampount.
Your receipt ID is: X6PK-G0312181620-16MFV.
I already have the required protection for my computer and only wanted to speed it up, and I do object to being billed for a product I had not requested.
Thank you
I expect to hear from yourselves within 24 hours for a full refund of the money you have taken from my mastercard and cancellation of the agreement.
Kind regards

N M Pannell

Dec 04, 2018

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