Runescape / Unprecendented Account banning

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After being a devoted and faithful player on runescape for over three years, they banned my account dooodlebrain for supposedly macroing. They were not able to show proof, which I can guarantee you they have no way of detecting a botting system and I am living proof of that. Because I never used one and they accused me of using one. I have filed an appeal which has been pending now for almost seven months and it's because I was a high level free to play player. I have written to them on several occasions and have gotten no where. They make it very difficult to contact them. After months of frustration and trying to prove my innocence, I am still waiting for them to reinstate my account. They want me to make another one. Why bother, for them to just ban the next one without cause. I worked very hard in building an account and not to mention a friends list. My account was a level 125 with a lot of items and money on it. They took it away for no reason but their own selfishness, due to the fact I refuse to play to be a member. Companies like them should be banned from online gaming.

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