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I was unfairly banned for apparently macroing, the ban was completely out of the blue as i have never macroed before, my account got hacked a few months back and during that time the person using the account could have macroed, i feel it is unfair in mamy ways, 1- i had been playing runescape for 2 years with no major offences, 2- no evidence was given for why i was banned, 3- my account had been hacked before the 'offence' so i think i should bw given anexact date of the offence. <br />
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My account name is/was agt dann69, i had 4 99s with a total level of 1968...this proves that i was a dedicated runescape player.<br />
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Please help, jagex never listen to appeals and both of my appeals have been used, which coincidently both have the same response from jagex...funny that...

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  • Lo
      20th of Feb, 2009

    I got permanently banned for PLAYING BY THE RULES!
    Jagex on Runescape accused me of breaking rule 7: Use of third party software.
    This means: using Auto motion tools, botting and auto typers... Not being a geek siting in front of a computer for 5-7 hours a day!! If not more.
    Jagex/Runescape is completely out of order for banning my account for no reason other then suspision of using such programs.

    My account was banned on the 19th of february 2009


    First message - 19-feb-2009 17:13
    - "We have evidence to indicate that you have committed an offence. As a result, an offence has been added to your account."


    Second message - 19-feb-2009 17:24
    - "Due to some recent offences, there has been a change to the status of your account."


    Not only did i get this ban for NOT BREAKING RULE 7. But i also got this ban when i had not played in a couple of days.

    I am now waiting to get my account back as i have submited a ban appeal... Which i have to wait god knows how long for to get a respons!

    Absolutly rediculus.


    I do not wish to state my username, as i am unsure that this is the official jagex website, also says not enter your username or password onto any other website with the exception of runescape and funorb.


    Also i would like to state that the customer service regarding accounts on runescape is absolutly aweful. You can not send messages to jagex from runescape which forces users to revert or rear off to other websites to make a complaint or ask questions that do not show up on the F.A.Q's.

    Also id like to make a complaint about the forums under - Forums
    You need to majorly sort out some issues that i have brought up.

    Also you need to be able to send messages to jagex from runescape again!

    If my account appeal is not seen to pronto then i shall be finding a way to take this issue higher.

    P.S. I really loved playing runescape, and up to this date i still love it. I am just very upset that you could accuse me of such a thing and ban me when i have done nothing wrong :( If this is to happen again in the future then i would not wish to play this game again.

    Sorry if it takes you some time to read this letter, as you personally are not to blame for this ban. But as a company i expect you all to work together to make things fair to all players. Even the geeky ones like me who spend half their life playing the game.

    Good day,

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  • El
      12th of Mar, 2009

    I am a member, i payed money. On my first day I was permanentally banned. I left to eat tea, came back and i couldn't log in. I looked at the offences commited while I was eating tea, there were almost 100 of them! In about 20 minutes jagex has accused me of over 100 accounts of breaking rule 11: Advertising. In the evidence it says things i did not say! I am outraged. I payed for something, didn't get it and therefor it is elegal. Hear that ELEGAL! I pay over $100 and get what. One day of runescape membership. I almost screamed when i saw it. And because i am banned i cant access anything to get my account back. ELEGAL I TELL YOU!!! Runescape and jagex must be reported to authorities they are out of controll and need someone to stop them.

    Your regards,


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  • Ko
      19th of Jun, 2009

    Jagex is just Greedy. They ruined their whole game with all these terrible updates. Anyway back to topic. These unfair bans are rampant in runescape. Usually given to members because jagex wants you to subscribe again. I was on last chance appeal for talking to my friend and saying. "family guy". Advertising. Yea, thats how unfair they are i tried everything. The one thing that worked was leaving runescape behind. They took away the offence because i was not paying for runescape anymore. Don't trust Jagex one bit. At this point they're desperate trying to make money.

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  • Ja
      28th of Sep, 2009

    you ### houls made a big mestak you so oh me a statius warrhamer

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  • Da
      4th of Feb, 2010

    Where i say my account name is agt dann69, its actualy Sgt dann69

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  • Ba
      16th of Feb, 2010

    money for runescape

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  • Re
      29th of Mar, 2010

    Yea this company bans people randomly with out reason or proof. Aviod like the plague

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  • Ow
      11th of Jan, 2011

    Don't listen to that idiot above create a new account and bot it all the way with ibot look up rscheata on

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  • Ow
      11th of Jan, 2011

    Ermm this website glitched and for some reason my reply came here just ignore it...

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