R Nov 26, 2017

Rue 21 is one of my favorite stores and I bought a ton of stuff in your STORE today, but I will never order online from you ever again. I had to speak with three different customer service reps (One I could barely understand) and they kept telling me false information. I wanted to see if they could edit the size of an order I had placed a few hours before I called (apparently you have no communication with your shipping department) and they kept saying I could return it to the store/exchange (no I cant) or mentioned the 30 minutes deadline for canceling an order which A. You cant return online orders to the store. B. It was an online only shoe. C. I didnt want to cancel an order I just wanted a bigger size. There is no policy/information about editing an order and it's a crappy policy/you need better communication within the company. I spoke with a customer service manager who also was no help at all and I was definetly not happy/smiling at the end of that phone call. Really horrible customer service in comparison to your store employees. The very least the manager could have said (even if it's a lie/she has no power), "I am so sorry for the inconvenience and I understand your frustration, I'll be sure to pass this along so that we can improve our policy."

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