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Rue 21


bad service

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Rue 21
Jacksonville, Florida
United States
I was shopping in rue 21. Standing in line a metal sign fell and cut my leg. I ask the clerk for a first aide kit. She kept working with the people in line. I ask her if she had something to clean the cut that I have cancer and this is not good for this to happen to me. Finally she went and got the kit there was nothing in there to clean my wound. But it was not bad enough to go the the er. I filled out a report about this and nothing happen no im sorry from the company nothing. Its sad when this happens and u have to go to the store next door (old navy) and ask for help. Its been months now and no letters phone calls nothing.
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A  1st of Jan, 2010 by    0 Votes
I agree with your complaint. However, until recently I have always liked shopping at Rue 21. I know I only spend about 500 to 1000 in this store a year...gift certificates, clothes, shoes, etc. It only takes one bad experience for me not to return. I went in recently after Christmas on New's Years Eve to return a pair of boots I decided not to keep. I had purchased them nine days before. Although, I had my receipt and also knew by looking at my back account that they already received the money for the boots the sales clerk or the manager would not let me return them to get my cash back. They said something about a policy that I could not return the item for a refund until 10 days. Ok...snow on the ground and they wanted to make me come back later. My josh...one day and I could even prove that the money was subtracted by the company. Both sales clerks were young and both said that they were managers at the Rue 21 in Shawnee Oklahoma. This may be really bad thinking of the company hiring children as managers who can't think for themselves. All they would say it is company policy. I will not shop there anymore, nor buy gift cards there. I am more angry that I didn't know about this policy...it is not on the receipt and about the inconvenience it has caused me having to come back a day later to make it 10 days.

Disappointed in Shawnee, Oklahoma
N  2nd of Jan, 2010 by    +1 Votes
I agree also Rue 21 is starting to be worst place to shop the the employees are rude unhelpful and are so busy on thier cell phones or talking about the customers in the store, everytime somebody walks through the they role thier eyes or huff and puff ... Guess what if you dont want your job thier are alot of people who would gladly take it to help their family and give service with a smile ! I dont know what kind of training they do for Rue 21 but it must not be much. The reason im on here is because i was waiting in line at Rue 21 in jackson tn which was so slow because the workers were complaining and mad because they were ready to go out, while in line a woman was returning some items she had a receipt for one item and the other was a christmas present well the manager of the store whos name is Matt was jerking her clothes out of her hand then when he took the clothes out of her bag she brought he starting screaming oh my god nasty nasty this shirt is wet my god what do u have on this for the whole store to hear run and grabbed the hand sanitizer dumped it on his hands and her receipt she looked mortified she said it was not wet when she left and he said it so nasty and that he could only give her 2.00 for it and that now he has to smell like hand sanitizer all night and told her she needed to check her things before she brought them back ... I put down every item i had in my hands and walked out with her and so did two other women we will never shop there again. when we got out the door the girl was crying he had embarrassed her so bad .I hope the owner or any person in some kind of power would secret shop in this store the manager is AWFUL he needs to be fired!!! . This might affect this young lady forever and you better believe i will tell everybody i can not shop there anymore and also i touched the shirt it was not wet is was just cold so was the sack it was 13 degrees outside ***hole!!!
A  1st of Dec, 2010 by    0 Votes
I've had experience's with some cashiers being rude at rue21.They act like they don't want you there.But I once emailed the company because the girl would not exchange my pants and they responed very quickly, and they called the store and within 1 hour I went to exchange my pants.So if anyone ever has a problem just email rue21.and I believe from my experience doing so, you will be pleased.
D  28th of Feb, 2011 by    0 Votes
i disagree with you guys rue21 is a great store and i get alot of things from there and you guys are just jealous that rue 21 gets more customers and is growing. soon you'll be eating your words. because rue 21 is going be the most shopped at store in america, i mean where else can you find low priced skinny jeans and perfumes that are amazing. no where. so stop being haterz and shut up.
N  18th of Jul, 2011 by    0 Votes
Tayla b., you are an idiot. Why would customers be "jealous" that a store is successful? I also had a HORRIBLE experience at the Rue 21 in Estero, Florida at Gulf Coast Town Center. My mother and I were discriminated against by a young, Hispanic woman. It was very apparent and obvious that this was a racial matter. My mother and I both love the clothes and apparel at Rue 21, but we will never shop at this location again, and if the other locations are like this, we will stop shopping at these stores, period. We e-mailed Rue 21 with our complaint today and are extremely interested to hear what they will have to say about our shocking story. (Very long story. Too long to re-type again. Haha.)
N  29th of Sep, 2011 by    0 Votes
Listen guys...it totally sucks to work for Rue 21. I was an assistant manager there for 2 years and wanted to kill myself almost everyday! The company sets super high sales goals, gives you little payroll hours to work with which usually means you're understaffed everyday. They send around 30 large boxes of stock every weekday (and saturdays during christmas) that has to be processed (opened, sensored, hung, and and crammed onto the sales floor) within 24 hours. They make these toilet water fragrances and expect you to sell 20 bottles a day, and threaten to fire you when you cant. They care very little about their employees or their customers. While I worked there, they took the part-timers vacation time, and cut the mangers vacation time in half. My store lost two of the four managers right before thanksgiving. Because the lazy district manager wouldn't get off her ### and either help us out or hire someone, me and the store manager each pulled 50 and 60 hrs a week without breaks and lunches, working open to close during extended holiday hours. They have a high theft rate because they cram so much ### into their tiny stores that there is no room to walk, much less pay attention to everyone shopping. They make you lock the fitting rooms, but yet won't let you assign a person to the fitting rooms...no he or she has to be somewhere else sensoring and working out stock. On top of the mass amounts of stock each week, you have 10 pages of markdowns a week, mannequins to change each week, a floor move every other week, fragrances to sell, table changes every other week, and on a good day you MIGHT have three people working at a time. Please don't waste your money on their clothes if you expect them to last. Most of the shirts get holes after just one wash, trust me I had to buy enough of them. I got no training whatsoever...and I was MANAGEMENT!! They gave me the keys and I closed by myself on my SECOND day...barely knew how to do a deposit much less run the store on my own...I went home and cried my eyes out! The chain of communication between the district managers and the stores sucks so bad, we didn't know what we were suppose to do half the time. They give you these policies you are suppose to follow when taking returns and exchanges, but if you can't make the customer happy within these policies and they email the website. Then the district manager tells you to do the total opposite, making you look like an idiot when all you were doing was following policy. I didn't follow half the time. If you're going to have a "every customer happy return policy" you don't have so many rules! So yea, most of the employees hate their jobs. Take my advice and spend your hard earned money elsewhere. The money you spend at Rue is not worth it. Take it somewhere else who gives a ### about their employees and not how much money they're making. I guarentee CEO Bob Fish doesn't even step into the stores, and neither does is wife (who designs the nasty ### fragrances btw)
N  29th of Sep, 2011 by    +1 Votes
Oh, and I was helping a young lady on her shopping spree from the Make A Wish Foundation. The district manager was there for a visit threatened to fire me if I didn't sell 5 more fragrances in the 15 minutes of work I had left. I laughed, handed my keys to her and walked out with a smile on my face!!! I will never step foot in the store again!! I just drive by and cringe at the thought of it!
N  2nd of Oct, 2011 by    +1 Votes
I totally agree with you. I was the store manager for 4 years and everything you said is true. They expect you to do everything, and set impossible goals. I hurt myself while working there and they soon terminated me for it. They do not care about there employees or customers. They always told us that we get the stupid customers, so sell them fragrances, and they would ride our ### if we couldnt sell them...I challenge anyone to work at rue and not get sick. I have to take medicines because of the stress and cant eat properly anymore. But people do need to realize that rue is a degenerate company
N  14th of Oct, 2011 by    0 Votes
Customer service was horrible! I waited for a dressing room time and time again as the store employees text on their phones and chatted away. I had a coupon and was told could not use it because the items I was purchasing were "sale items". Everything in the store was a sale item! One cashier was VERY inappropriately dressed (Boobs hanging out). When checking out cashier sprayed EVERY single fragrance trying to "upsell". She sprayed on the clothes I was purchasing and it gave me a headache. I will never shop at this store again, I will also let EVERYONE I know about their HORRIBLE service and advise them to shop else where.
A  30th of Dec, 2011 by    0 Votes
N  30th of Dec, 2011 by    0 Votes
of course they are lovely jugs of milk
N  30th of Dec, 2011 by    0 Votes
mine are bodacious and bouncy i should know and so is every other women's
N  30th of Dec, 2011 by    0 Votes
A  8th of Aug, 2012 by    +2 Votes
I am an assistant mngr at rue21. @ Disappointed in shawnee, oklahoma. Don't assume that bc the mngrs were young that they were too unwise to handle your situation properly. They did exactly as they were trained. Im assuming you paid by check(that is the only time the 10 day rule applies), and whether your money had cleared or not, those associates could have been written up for breaking that policy. Being a customer who is dissatisfied with a company's policy does not mean the associates "can't think for themselves" An issue like that, you should take to the corporate level bc you are correct, no where on the receipt is this policy mentioned. Some else mentioned the lack of support district managers give their employees. This is absolutely true, (bc of the ignorant way they are trained). They burn into your brain how extremely important it is to follow policy, but when a complacent enough customer actually contacts them they bow like slaves, telling the customer how very right they are and wrong the employee was, making the employee look like an idiot. To top it all off you get scolded by your DM and SM, and a customer complaint is recorded against you. All of this for following the policies and procedures you were threatened w from the start.
N  24th of Sep, 2012 by    +1 Votes
I love rue 21, I actually just shopped there today. But as everyone is saying, the employees have no interest in greeting me when I walk in, making me feel welcome, or anything of that sort. I actually feel unwelcome. Also I went in to the auburn store about a year back to ask them if they were hiring, the manager put me through some tests where I have to pick out a night outfit and day outfit which is a stupid way to give someone a chance at a job, and I know I looked a hell of a lot better then half of the run down employees working there who gave me ### looks and rolled their eyes. Plus I have never experienced a rue 21 employee helping me pick out an outfit for day/night. Overall the place just seems to be not put together too well and I hope the company sees people commenting on this and rethink things

And that story about that customer crying is absolutely ridiculous, I feel so bad for that poor woman. More than anything in the world I expect to be treated with respect and I feel like employees need compassion towards the customers. Maybe stop hiring stuck up snobby high school students.
A  25th of Sep, 2012 by    +1 Votes
Rue's employers and managers are stuck up! On my second interview, i was told to wait for the 20 year old manager, while standing there, she comes out, didn't greet me at all when she was suppose to be talking to me if i was hired or not. instead she looks at my outfit and goes back in the back room. Then the assistant manager comes out and says, "oh you know what were going to do more interviews and will call you if we want you or not." A week later, I call. And it was the manager Jessica in Puyallup, who answered the phone. I told her I was following up on my interview. She says "Oh they will call you if they like you" which I know shes the manager... Then I asked how long do I wait, her rude ### self starts laughing and says i dont know a week or 2. OK! bye. RUDE PEOPLE! How are they able to keep their job when they don't even know the meaning of being friendly to others and customer service! I dont even care about a phone call anymore, all I know is I lost respect in the whole company, and yes from only one mistake. It only takes one event for me to get disgusted!
D  18th of Oct, 2012 by    +1 Votes
i agree with you above. i hate rue 21 now. i used to love that store. but for the first time. i bought a blouse and don't have time to try it inside the store because of my 2 kids.. so when i get home, i tried it and i doesn't like the fitting so i decided to return it the following day with receipt.. i don;t like the way that i hand my receipt to the cashier, and she start asking personal information, name, address, phone number. WTF. i hav emy receipt on me. and she answered that if u will buy blouses/clothing there they will ask personal information. that is ###.. why not just be smart, use the receipt and done!! i will not shop there anymore!!!even u have cute clothes but now i don;t need it...
N  25th of Oct, 2012 by    0 Votes
The information is needed in case there is a 200$ return, they may or may not call... Ask you why you were unhappy with the clothing or things you returned, they may send you coupons as well to apologize about the inconvenience...
A  30th of Oct, 2012 by    0 Votes
I agree with all of you and sadly, I got stuck working here for almost two years. I am sorry that all of you had to deal with such crappy customer service, one of the main reasons I put my two weeks notice in last week. I worked at my local Rue 21 for 8 months as an associate and then was promoted to assistant manager. I have been working as an assistant manager for over a year and I cannot begin to tell you the amount of crap employees go through. The company is horrid. This could be partially the reason you were treated so badly. I know there were days that I got chewed out for stupid reasons and was irritated the rest of the day. Is this an excuse to treat people badly? HECK NO. But it happens. 6 months after my promotion, I was working closer with my store manager. I caught her stealing money from the registers at the end of the night and using it for her own personal reasons (starbucks, pizza, etc). So I started to keep track of it on paper--when I audited the drawer and it was over, did she close it out even later that night. Also, she would be there way before anyone else got there and would stay late putting in around 70 hours per week but never getting anything done. She claimed she was working on stock. So I started keeping track of how many boxes we had when she stepped back there and how many were left after she was gone. She would get maybe 2 boxes done in 12 hours time. Something was wrong. Me and the 2 other assistants went to our District Manager and told her what was going on. We were told they would look into it. Months passed by and nothing happened. Then it got to the point where she was trying to get associates to steal. On top of all of this, she was the rudest most bitter woman on the planet. She would yell at employees on the sales floor for all the customers to hear. She cursed at us and would threaten you for not making fragrance goals. One day, she scheduled me "off" so I went home for the weekend (which is 5 hours away). My other manager then called me saying she wanted me to come in and work stock. I told her to tell the store manager I could not do that because I was out of town. The manager then called me back SCREAMING at me for not coming in on my day off. This pushed my last button. I said screw the DM and I went to our Regional Manager, our Loss Prevention Manager and Human Resources with a LIST of complaints. A hostile work environment is a serious matter. 3 months later, nothing has happened and I submitted my two weeks notice. This company is AWFUL. They walk all over you, take you for granted, full of negativity and down right pathetic. Not to mention, they let the store managers treat everyone like crap--heck and steal. I dreaded coming to work every day just because she was so horrible to me and the other managers. I got to see all of the flaws in this company by working in management. I am surprised this company has held this long and I won't be surprised when it goes down hill fast. Absolutely awful.
N  12th of Nov, 2012 by    0 Votes
Hey everyone!I was going to submit an application to Rue 21 to apply for holiday help but I will not anymore after hearing about how bad it is working there.
I was in there today with a friend and she bought some sweaters that she thought were on sale (I can't remember what the sign said) but when she checked out, the store associate said that they aren't on sale.My friend told her about the sign and the associate told her that she knows it's confusing and false advertising but the manager wants it that way.The store associate also said something about that she doesn't get paid to think just enforce rules whether they are right or not.I would not want to work like that especially for minimum wage pay.

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