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So we decided to go to Deland Ruby Tuesday to celebrate my birthday. Soooo not a good idea, It started with taking almost 30mins to just get the drink order right and this would be because of our server and the bar tender. First they ever wrong, then the beer or water never got served, so it was fix the drinks and bring the water and beer, drink got fixed water came to the table and still no beer, then one drink was made wrong and then the beer came, and we where then told no more of that kind of beer is left, went to bar to fix drink and bar tender is rude, and we are told that this is the way the drink is made so I can make you another drink but it will come out the same way, and she the yells at our server in front of us and we our left with a drink that is made wrong and it won't be fixed by her. Now comes dinner and that is worse, we go to the salad bar and it is not fully stocked, the main reason to come to your restaurant is the salad bar, Now time for the meal, that goes wrong as well, food is wrong, the wrong food comes out and food is left off a meal and mine the birthday girl's is the worst of them all, cold, over cooked shrimp and over cooked steak and no seasoning on my steak, they insist on making another so I give in and when that comes out the steak is still mowing at me, I don't even think they cooked it, so I'll just take this home and not eat and then I see your apple skillet desert and ask for that cause at this point I have only had salad, my desert comes out and it is nothing like the picture, it is a tart in a skillet with a sprinkle of smashed apple and a scoop of ice cream, the tart is so hard that I can't eat it, the only thing I can eat is the ice cream and sprinkle of apple, so it is time for the check at this point and we already have your coupon for B1G1 for tonight, and on my check my meal was taken off and that's all which is what was coming off in the first place so no discount for the worst birthday meal ever, so had to come out of pocket over 50 bucks and my sisters over 30 and my mom/dad over 40. I will say that something needs to be fixed at this restaurant weather it be retraining the staff or get new staff because if it continues like this, alot of people won't come back. I should never had to pay what I paid for bad service, rude staff, wrong drinks, unstocked salad bar, wrong food, cold food, over cooked food and bad desert.
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May 11, 2017

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